3 Tips on Getting Married on Maui

Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in Wedding tips |

Sasha Prince Photography

Sasha Prince Photography

Couples, who want to tie the knot in paradise, often choose Maui as their destination wedding location. Frankly, I can’t blame them! This is one of the most popular Hawaiian islands when it comes to weddings and vow renewals likewise, because it offers many astonishing ceremony sites. However, there are some things you should know before getting married on this mesmerizing island. We’ve asked award winning Maui wedding photographer Sasha Prince to give us three tips on planning a dreamy Hawaiian beach wedding here. 

1 – When to get married on Maui? Depending on location, the weather isn’t really a factor when it comes to choosing a wedding date on this island. Nevertheless, time of year does affect the cost and the guest list. Off season ceremonies (February to May, and September to November) are typically more affordable for both wedding couples and their guests. Unfortunately, picking off season means guests with children will be less likely to come to the wedding.

2 – Since most of Maui weddings take place outdoors, it’s crucial to keep lighting in mind when choosing time of day for a wedding ceremony. In general, the best light is in the morning, approximately at 9 AM, or an hour or two before sunset. Water and sky look their best in morning, because of their breathtaking hues of blue. On the other hand, sunset pictures and colors are always incredibly romantic. If, however, you plan to get married somewhere in between, you will probably sweat and squint in your wedding pictures, which isn’t exactly what you have in mind, is it?

3 – You surely want to choose bridal hairstyle that suits you well, but make sure you test it in the wind. Yes, Maui can be rather windy place and you could end up having your hair in your face in most of your wedding pictures. For that reason, it’s highly recommended either to choose updo and/or to use extra hairspray. Anyway, don’t count on getting married on a calm day if the event is taking place on Maui.