4 Valuable Tips to Get A Customized Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

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Balletts Bridal Shop wedding gownOne of the most important “bridal tasks” is finding the perfect bridal gown. Even though there is a range of bridal gowns available out there, you are free to have a gown of your very own choice, i.e. a customized gown. But what should you consider while customizing your gown? Are there any criteria? Where to get such a gown? You may get many such questions. I too got them. So, I decided to discuss with a specialist in the field and who else could have been better for this purpose than the owners of Balletts Bridal Shop? They are the suppliers of outstandingly beautiful bridal gowns in London and other areas for more than 30 years. Here’s what they shared.

1. Try As Many Gowns As You Can

You want to design your own gown doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the available gowns at a store. Maybe you can get an idea of how your gown should be by doing so. The more dresses you would try, the more knowledge you would have about what really would work for you. There may be some fitting problems, or you may like some details and hate some others, you may know which colors flatter your complexion and so on.

Balletts Bridal Shop wedding gown

2. Check Details

At first, you may start your search with a thought of having a simple gown with no details and you may end up in falling in love with exactly the opposite, i.e. a profoundly detailed bridal gown! An opposite situation also can take place. However, it is always recommended to check the details. Maybe you would love lace, or pearls, or sequins or even rhinestones. All of these details have their own beauty. You can’t have an idea how they would look on you before you try them on.

Balletts Bridal Shop wedding gown

3. Find the Best in Your Budget

I know most brides are on a limited budget. But still you can get the best if you search for it thoughtfully. Here there is an example of a client of Balletts Bridal Shop named Sandra (name changed). She too was on a budget and wanted a simple dress of chiffon and silk charmeuse with lace embellished with rhinestones, and wanted to trim the cost without having to lose the look she desired. She ended up with a fantastic low sheen satin (aka dull satin) and the softest of chiffons. The lace was the real difficulty as bridal laces without pearls and sequins are rare, and all the pre-embellished laces were extremely expensive. She then found a lovely plain lace and got it embellished with rhinestones glued on it. This is an example of knowing what you can afford and what you can’t, and sticking to it while getting just what you want.

Balletts Bridal Shop wedding gown

4. Let it Take its Own Time

The shopping of bridal gown, whether it is customized or store, should be allotted ample time, because there are lots of adjustments to make regarding fitting and design. But particularly when it is a customized gown and you have to make many changes and additions, like the example mentioned above, you should start your shopping very early. If you start it at the 11th hour, you can’t grumble that you didn’t get the gown of your desire, because the fault would be yours. You should ideally start it right after your engagement. If you have handed the job to a seamstress and she is living far from your area, you should be always in communication with her about the dress’s progress. Be sure to schedule your final fitting at least two weeks before you want your gown, so that you will get enough time to tackle any last minute emergencies without having to stress up.

Balletts Bridal Shop wedding gown

Follow these valuable tips if you want to find the bridal gown of your dreams, because these tips come from experts like Balletts Bridal Shop who are trading in bridal gowns for the last 3 decades and have earned a reputation as one of the best bridal stores. Take a look at some of their superb gowns in this article and many more on their website.