5 Amazing Benefits of Using a Wedding Marquee

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Richardson MarqueeIf you are a bride with an offbeat thinking and want to do something special and unique on your big day, why not start from turning away from the standard venue and choose a marquee wedding? A marquee for a wedding is a fantastic idea because you can have your wedding venue just as you want! Richardson Marquees, a leading supplier of wedding marquee, shares here 5 reasons of having a marquee for your big day.

1. You can Arrange Your Event Wherever You Want

With a marquee at hand, you can choose to have a wedding wherever you want, on a beach, in a garden, on an open farm or wherever. A marquee offers you the flexibility of choosing your wedding venue and you can choose one with spectacular views. Or you can choose a place which would evoke your special memories. Plus there are plenty of established venues which allow marquee weddings and reception, often accompanied by accommodation, so that you can spend an entire weekend with your beloved ones. If you will be arranging an evening/night wedding, consider getting a clear marquee and you can enjoy the fabulous evening/night views of nature, while tying the knot, even the moon and stars!

Richardson Marquee garden wedding

2. You can Choose the Interior and Exterior of Your Venue

Not at any other venue can you choose to have your choice of settings, but with a marquee, you can have that. From a traditional canvas marquee to a modern frame tent and even a pagoda style marquee, you can have your style in your venue. For the interior, you can have your choice of linings, furniture, floorings and lighting. So, you need not adjust with less beautiful decoration, carpets, walls and other components that may turn you off.

Richardson Marquee exterior

3. A Special Place for Only You

A marquee is built just to suit your particular needs and so, it’s your special place. It’s your day and should be fun for you. A marquee meets your needs.

4. No Time Limit

You and your guests can enjoy the party to your heart’s content in a marquee, because there is no one pestering you to wind up early. With the unrestricted sound of music, dance and laughter, a marquee gets a perfect ambience for a wedding. However, if your marquee is in a residential area, it would be decent to apologize to your neighbors in advance.

Richardson Marquee night wedding

5. No Limits on Guests

With a marquee, you can invite larger number of guests than that in a traditional venue (which often has occupancy issues), because there is a larger space with a marquee. This makes your wedding truly enjoyable especially it is arranged in an outdoor area like an estate, open lawn, garden, lakeshore or a beach.

Richardson Marquee outside views

The other side of this is a marquee can be booked for a limited number of guests and an intimate wedding. If you are planning to have only a few, very close guests, but your venue is big, you have to pay unnecessarily for the bigger space which you don’t require. In that case, a marquee is ideal because you can choose a small one as per your requirement and pay accordingly.

Richardson Marquees is based in Wiltshire and offer an extensive array of color themes, high quality furniture and lighting to create a perfect wedding marquee for you. Take a look at some of their beautiful marquees here and many more on their website and you will be amazed.