5 Commonest Bridal Hair and Makeup Problems & Their Super Hit Solutions

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Wedding tips |

problems and solutions to bridal-hair-and-makeupEvery bride wishes to look her best on her big day, but different gals adopt different ways. Some of them become super hit while others go total flop. If you have undergone such flops, here are some bridal hair and makeup tips to overcome and correct them and look just flawless on your special day.

Problem 1: While going through your bridal shower pictures, it came to your notice that your makeup got fade before even the dessert was served. So, you are now worried about how your bridal makeup is going to remain in place all through the reception and dance!

Solution: Applying a foundation primer and layering products will help your makeup last long, no matter what type of skin you have. While you primp for your ceremony, choose a primer without any silicone or oil. It will serve as a sponge for the foundation, preventing it from falling off your skin. To set and prolong the wear of makeup, finish with a loose powder.

Problem 2: You want to change your ceremony white gown so as to let yourself dance for the night in your fabulous party dress. But you are worried that makeup will be scratched away during the change.

Solution: To hold your makeup perfectly in place during dress change, a long-wearing foundation is ideal. Actually this problem will appear if your gown is a sheath and will require to go over your head while changing. In that case use a light scarf or a tissue which will act as a barrier to avoid smearing of foundation on your dress. Also keep in mind to powder your face before you switch so that extra oil will be absorbed. You then can easily brush off the powder.

Problem 3: All your efforts for the extra beautiful look were successful except the excessive sweat that breaks out on your chest and back and will be exposed in your bridal dress!

Solution: A body wash that contains salicylic acid – an established acne-fighting agent – will help you stop body breakouts. A commonest misconception about acne which is declined even by dermatologists is to stop the use of a moisturizer. Dermatologists advise that even if you have oily skin, you should hydrate it using a sunscreen-added lotion in the morning and a light moisturizer in the night.

sweat breaking out

Problem 4: You wanted long hair for your wedding and so avoided a haircut; now you are facing split ends!

Solution: Get yourself a trim in a salon. Trimming won’t ruin your long hair, but will help it grow. A quick fix is to buy a good quality shine spray and using a ceramic flatiron, flatiron your split ends to shut the cuticles.

Problem 5: You drank plenty of coffee to cope up with the stress of planning for your wedding; but that acted cruelly to your shiny white teeth!

Solution: You can get a home whitening kit to retain your pearly whites. To overcome sensitivity issue, use a sensitivity toothpaste two days before using the whitening strips. Also get a professional cleaning before the whitening treatment, because before whitening it is necessary to remove all the buildup for better results. Another tip is to drink all dark liquids like coffee through straws, so that they will bypass your teeth.