5 Custom Gift Boxes Ideal for Wedding Gifts or Favors

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Tent box

If you will be getting married or your son or daughter is getting married or you’ll be attending a wedding in the coming days, you’ll always be confused about what gifts you should give as wedding favors, to your son or daughter or to the wedding couple respectively. But remember that presenting the gift is equally important as the gift itself. Here are a few beautiful gift box ideas for you to overcome your confusion.

1. View-top Boxes

Simple, yet stunning, the view-top boxes are a perfect way to wrap your gift in with their glittering exterior in various colors and sizes and a beautiful satin ribbon attractively tied on the top. Choose the box according to the size of your gift and choice of colors.

View-top Boxes

2. Fold-up Box

This beautiful box colored in soft pink is an ideal wedding gift box which is available as an open card. You can fold it up to make a lovely box with a shimmering pink satin knot on its top. With white dots like shining stars on the pink background and a brown pattern on one side, this box will dazzle your recipients to make them happy even before they see the gift inside.

Fold-up Box

3. Gable Box

Gable box is a unique idea of presenting a wedding gift. The material of this box is shimmering with an attractive color scheme and it features a very convenient handle, due to which the newlyweds can use this box even after their event to store and carry delicate and lightweight items in style.

Gable Box

All these custom gift boxes are available at IMColorPrint.

4. Pillow Box

This is another unique gift box shaped like a neat pillow with a unique, stylish string knot and a beautiful butterfly on the top. This is a box that will offer your gift a rich look and make you stand out among the crowd of invitees.

Pillow Box

5. Special Design Box

If you are looking for something that can give your gift a truly rustic look, the special design box is what you are looking for. This simple yet beautiful and strong box is made of hard cardboard structured neatly into a cube with an attractive lid uniquely tied with a parrot green string reminding you of farm, nature, country and meadows. This is an ideal box for a gift like old wines, homemade baked goodies or handcrafted curios.

Special Design Box

And there are so many more! Visit IMColorPrint and take a look. These gift boxes will make you shine in the event.