5 Essential Qualities Your Wedding DJ Must Have

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DJ KamayoAs you have determined to hire a wedding DJ and are in search of a good one, you should know what exactly to look for. Well, you should not expect your DJ to just play music – he can mean much more and can turn your big day in an unforgettable evening if you choose wisely. DJKamayo.com, a Wedding DJ in Los Angeles, shares their tips on what you should look for in a perfect wedding DJ.

1. Experience

This should be your top priority. A DJ might have an extensive experience but has he any of wedding parties? A wedding is not similar to other types of parties and a DJ plays a significant role in setting the mood of the evening. Therefore, how long he has worked in the wedding industry.

2. How Well-prepared He Is?

A DJ’s preparedness shows from his organization and planning skills. Has he any music-related list of questions for you to fill in? Does he know well about the venue regarding how he is going to set up his equipment? The more questions he asks and more information he provides you, the more prepared he is.

DJ Kamayo

3. Presentable Personality

A DJ’s job is to interact not only with the bride, but also the crowd at the wedding. He interacts with your guests, take requests and entertain them, from elderly to children. So, you should check if you and your guests find him friendly, confident and fun so that everyone in the party enjoys the most. He should be in proper attire and have a joyful face.

4. A Diverse Music Collection

Whatever other qualities he has, if he doesn’t have a diverse music collection, what is the use? After all, a DJ is for playing music, isn’t he? A DJ should necessarily have a varied range of music because you and your groom might have different choices, so also, would your guests. So, the music should be spanning decades and also genres. And also, he should be willing to know if you and your groom want some specific songs to be played after your first dance.

5. Ability to Read the Crowd

While interviewing your DJ, you should also check what he has learned from the earlier weddings he has attended. Does he know how to make guests dance before alcohol starts taking over everyone? How would he handle the crowd when the dance floor comes to life with grandparents as well as their great grandchildren dancing? You should judge the ability of your potential DJ to read the crowd and keep the floor hit the entire night.

DJ Kamayo

DJKamayo.com is a wedding DJ company with extremely talented DJs and MCs and it’s sure that they are not your average wedding DJs because they have all the above qualities in addition to many more. The pictures in this article are their courtesy. Hire such a wedding DJ for your event and make your big day and night fun and exciting!