5 Magnificent Wedding Ceremony Ideas

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Joshua Wither fun marriage ceremonyThough every moment of your wedding is significant for you, the actual ceremony is the most important and is the height of the celebration. Therefore, everyone joins together and it’s not just a formality but something more. Whether you are celebrating your big day religiously or in a secular way, the ceremony is your opportunity to state who you are as a couple; trigger your creativity to celebrate this moment in a special way, by personalizing your readings, adding rituals that are important for you or even infusing your love story all through the service. Here are five creative ideas to make the moment even more significant.

1. Your Love Story

Telling the couple’s love story is a romantic and touching idea. This becomes the highlight of the ceremony. You can even include the sappiest, silliest and most loving moments, and even include your dogs and cats! Even the celebrant can take interviews of family and friends upon the relationship.

2. Love Letters from Faraway Guests

If you have relatives and friends staying across the world and cannot come for your wedding, but wish a lot to come, it’s a nice idea to encourage them to write letters which can be included in the ceremony. This makes the ceremony far more touching and it’s a real joy for the distant relatives to be involved in the wedding.

3. Creating a Wedding Letter Box

It’s not necessary that only those who can’t make a trip should write a letter. You can encourage all the guests to write something about your wedding – their feeling of love, advice for your married life, memories of you two or anything they want. If you want, you can attach a card for this to your wedding invitation, inform about it on your wedding website or social network or provide stationery and pens at the venue. Then at the actual ceremony, let a box pass around for your guests to drop their notes. Seal this box and read all the notes on your first anniversary!

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4. Handfasting with a Twist

Handfasting is an old-school ritual that denotes the union of two souls and many couples are adapting it in modern times. Usually the hands are tied with a ribbon, but you can add something special to give it a twist; e.g. you can tie the hands with a baby blanket to denote that your child is your “knot”, or the shirt, scarf or skirt you wore on your first date, and many more!

5. Including Family Heirlooms

To include a family heirloom in your ceremony is a great idea. E.g. a copy of bible dating back to your great-great-grandpa or any other thing that has been treasured by your past generations will add a special touch to the ceremony. Don’t have such an heirloom? Don’t be disappointed! Actually, you will get a chance to start the tradition!

Joshua Withers is an amazing Sydney marriage celebrant who makes the wedding ceremony the most fun and enjoyable event for the wedding couple and guests. He is truly excited and passionate about your wedding and everyone feels refreshed in his company. Invite such a celebrant for your big day and celebrate your ceremony in the most magnificent way.

Joshua Wither fun marriage ceremony