5 Top Reasons Why You should Have a Vintage Wedding

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wilkes barre vintage weddingWhile planning for your big day, you have plenty of options to choose from regarding what type of wedding you can celebrate. But probably, the most pleasant, the most delightful, the most intimate, the most unforgettable and the sweetest of all is a vintage wedding. Here, let me tell you why.

1. Vintage Wedding is Simple, Unique, Yet Effective

Everyone wants their big day to be so unique that their guests should be stunned and remember it for years to come. While there are many ways to make your wedding unique, vintage wedding is perhaps the most unique way to celebrate the most important moments of your life. It’s a simple, yet effective way to express your joy in a realistic manner, and needs no dazzling decoration or other wedding elements.

2. Vintage Wedding Offers a Maximum Scope to Your Creativity

In your vintage wedding, there is a maximum scope for your creativity and artistic sense. A vintage wedding is much less costly than a traditional wedding and so, you on your own can plan it. For example, you may choose an antique engagement ring with outstanding craftsmanship and unique design, which can even become an heirloom.

antique engagement ring

3. Vintage Wedding is Intimate and Romantic

In a vintage wedding, there is hardly any formality involved! It’s much more intimate and romantic than other big wedding types, with a limited number of guests that are very loving, and your sweetheart!

4. Vintage Wedding is Inexpensive, but Most Delightful

With a vintage wedding you can truly enjoy your big day in an inexpensive manner. For example, your wedding venue can easily become an element of your décor. The simple decoration offer magnificent photos with its natural beauty and soft rustic colors. Moreover, special lighting and skills of your photographer can further add a charm to your vintage wedding photos.

vintage wedding

5. Vintage Wedding is Becoming Trendy

If you are a bride who is scared of being branded as non-trendy, let me tell you that as more and more couples are preferring a vintage wedding, it’s becoming trendy! So, you need not worry. Organize and celebrate a vintage wedding, and you will end up in getting an indescribable nostalgia and lots of praises from your guests.

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