7 Most Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

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fun wedding receptionYou have almost planned everything for your wedding day; still, you want something more! You want something that will make your reception unique, unforgettable and outstanding for you and your guests. National Event Venue is a portal where you can get everything for your big day including catering and the best wedding venues in Toronto. Their experts share here some of the most fun wedding reception ideas.

1. Fun Transportation from Ceremony to Reception

Based on your budget, think about a fun transportation from the venue of ceremony to that of reception (if both are different, of course). You can arrange hot air balloons to add a new level of luxury and charm; or you can even arrange school buses to evoke nostalgia!

2. Arrange Party Games

More than any other wedding entertainment, party games that involve every guest will add fun to your reception. Games are great to break the ice and bring all together. Include games that are neither too difficult nor too easy, and should involve at least a little physical movement, that will freshen up everyone. This will make even those guests who are too shy to get involved in mass activities and then they will remember your reception forever for how they felt fresh and energized!

You can even include entirely new games or games like balloon popping, dart and target and ring toss to make everyone nostalgic!
And of course, there should be a generous shower of prizes which may be small yet cute, like gourmet soaps, colorful candies, finely sculpted dinner bells or other small toys, and so on!

balloon games

3. Invite a Choreographer

Just as in games, you can involve all your guests in a dance too by inviting an enthusiastic choreographer who will inspire every guest to dance with a few easy dance steps which everyone can do. If there are more guests than the dance floor can accommodate, s/he can make small groups and make them shake a leg!

4. Remove Age Limit for Flower Girls

If you want your entry real fun, remove the age criteria on flower girls and let your grannies be your flower girls! Of course, the little dolls too will get the chance to spread flowers on your aisle, but accompanying the grannies!

5. Bouncy House (Castle)

Among your wedding entertainment items, add a bouncy house or bouncy castle where everyone can jump for joy! You may certainly add one for kids; but add one for adults too and let them open up! Inaugurate the house yourself and then invite your guests to jump, laugh, fall down (without injury) and just enjoy!

6. Add a Food Truck

If your party has a lot of action, your guests should be fueled up. But instead of the regular buffet, arrange a food truck on the lawn. You can even arrange two of them – one for savories and the other for desserts and drinks.

food truck

7. Let the Previously Married Add Fun

This is one of the cheap wedding reception ideas which will cost you nothing, but will add immense fun and everyone will remember your big day. The idea is that there would be a lot of couples on your reception of all ages; ask them to say something about their married life, for example, their mistakes which you should not repeat, how to deal with angry spouses, and similar things that would amuse everyone. If some of the couples are shy, arrange for paper and pen and let them jot it down and then someone will read out their experiences.

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