9 Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas to Receive Appreciation from Your Guests

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Candy BoxesDeciding what gifts to give to your wedding guests is a really daunting task. Have you been trapped into this confusion? Is your wedding around the corner and haven’t you yet decided what to gift to your bridesmaids, groomsmen (if you are the groom) and rest of the guests? We have good news for you!

We have someone who has a great range of wedding favors. This is an amazing collection of wedding party gifts on 501CFundraiser that you should go through and select to please your guests.

Let’s see what’s in their magic sac for you!

Gifts for Bridesmaids

1. Crystal Heart Necklace and Earrings

Jewelry is any woman’s weak point and if you gift jewelry to your girls who will stand by your side during your big day, there’s nothing like it. You can win the hearts of your bridesmaids by gifting this amazing set of crystal heart pendant necklace and earrings which they can wear on your big day and years to come after that and every time they’ll remember you. They are made in sturdy copper material and you can choose from golden as well as silver colors.

Crystal Heart Necklace and Earrings

2. Beautiful Flowers and Leaves Necklace and Earrings

Another amazing jewelry set you can choose for your bridesmaids is an innovative design of a vine having flowers and leaves winding around the girls’ necks and plunging down in a single string and a pair of ear studs to complement the lovely necklace in the form of flowers! The rhinestones in these jewelry pieces are nothing less than diamonds in their sparkle and your friends will really shine while standing by you in your wedding photos.

Beautiful Flowers and Leaves Necklace and Earrings

3. Charming African Jewelry Set

If you want to go a little ethnic and also want that your friends wear bracelets and rings too in addition to necklace and earrings, choose this incredibly beautiful classic African jewelry set which include a circle rhinestone crystal necklace, earrings, a perfectly romantic bracelet and a ring. The colors of the crystals are amazing and include red, white and green creating a charisma with which your friends will be delighted.

Charming African Jewelry Set

Gifts for Groomsmen

4. Mealivos Portable Hip Flask

If you are the groom and are looking for gifts for your groomsmen, this portable stainless steel hip flask for the bottle of booze will certainly please your friends. It comes from a reputable brand like Mealivos with sturdy construction and a high-quality leather cover with robust stainless steel hardware for a rich look and great functionality and practicality. Your friends will appreciate this gift because they can take it on adventure trips, mountaineering, camping or any outdoor picnic with a convenient hands-free leather strap.

Mealivos Portable Hip Flask

5. Car-shaped Key Chains

Just as jewelry is the weak point for women, cars are a weak point for men. Your groomsmen will be pleased with these beautifully crafted car-shaped key chains that come in delightful colors. They have an unmatched shiny finish that looks rich and more importantly, they have fitness tracker and the headlights of the car have strong torches that you can use in the dark. And if you are the bride, you can gift these unique wedding party gifts to your bridesmaids or other guests too. In short, these versatile key chains will be much admired by your friends.

Car-shaped Key Chains

6. Black & Silver Tie Clip

These sparkling silver and black tie clips with a chain can make amazing gifts for your groomsmen because they are functional and stylish to look at as well. They are very handy to use and have a great finishing to give a great feeling while applying. Your friends can wear this beautiful tie clip on your wedding as well as years to come after that to remember you and your thoughtfulness every time.

Black & Silver Tie Clip

Gifts for Other Wedding Guests

7. Bottle Openers

While thinking of gifts for your wedding guests, it’s a good idea to choose something practical and useful and a bottle opener is just that. These Ourwarm bottle openers are skillfully crafted in a rustic design and come in a lovely packing of supporting cardboard tag and golden string that add to their rusticity. Your guests will be certainly amazed with the intricate carving and metallic copper finish. With a superb grip and nice feel to handle, these bottle openers can make ideal gifts for your guests.

Bottle Openers

But that’s not all! There are more fascinating bottle openers that will be ideal to represent your big day because it comes in a romantic heart shape. This is a pair in the form of a wine bottle opener and a wine bottle stopper, again ideal to represent your wedding and also comes in an attractive packing of the pictures of a wedding couple. Both the openers have extremely fine finishing and comfortable grip, with a shiny silver color.

Bottle Openers

8. Musical Note Bookmark

How about gifting your guests sturdy metal bookmarks in the form of a musical note instead of the standard flimsy bookmarks that are torn and crumpled over some days of use? Your guests will love to use this bookmark because it’s different than the common bookmarks they are already using. It’s beautifully finished and is shiny and has an attractive black tassel tied to one end.

Musical Note Bookmark

9. Candy Boxes

Candies are favorites of everyone. There would be hardly anyone who won’t appreciate a candy box as a gift. You have a great choice of nicely crafted candy boxes in beautiful designs.

The first one has designs of a bridal gown and groom’s tuxedo on the cover and is made of tin which your guests can use for storing anything else of their choice once they finish enjoying candies inside. This is a very thoughtful candy box pair that represents your wedding and is romantic because of the love heart shape.

Candy Boxes

If you want something delicate, there are paper candy boxes available too with attractive designs and colors with the mark of love! One of them comes in attractive colors like navy blue, red and light pink with heart-shaped corset or other attractive design on it, while the other is beautifully carved incorporating a pair of lovebirds and has pure white color.

Candy Boxes

Candy Boxes

So, are you feeling relaxed now having found this treasure of beautiful wedding party gifts? I am sure you are. And there are many more. Just go through them and select your favorites and you will see the shine of appreciation in your guests’ eyes!