Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Magician

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding magicianIf you are a bride to be, you are most certainly going through your check list. You have probably ticked off the registry office and/or church, you’ve chosen the wedding outfit, theme and flowers, you’ve sent the invites and I’m sure you have even booked your wedding music. But, have you thought about hiring a wedding magician for your big event entertainment? If you choose the right one (for example, the best wedding magician Birmingham can offer)  you’ll throw the best wedding party ever!Even if you are the most entertaining person ever, on your wedding day, you cannot be everywhere at once. I’m pretty sure nobody would like to see their wedding invitees bored, so you need to give them something more than just (well chosen) music. At event such as a wedding, there may be many people that actually don’t know each other, how to encourage them to mix and mingle? Well, experienced wedding magician can help you there with the power of magic.

Close up magicians keep the guests entertained during, for example, photography session. They wander around choosing the guests who need to be entertained and they simply amaze them! So, even if you seat people who don’t know each other at the same table, they’ll soon have something to talk about! Once the others realize there’s a magician in the room, they’ll be interested in seeing his/her next trick. Despite the possible downtime, if you hire a magician, he/she will keep all the guests in good spirits.

Every couple wants their guests to remember their big day as much as possible. But, great music, delicious cake and beautiful bride won’t create that “wow” effect. You need something extraordinary and, although there are many people who hire magicians for their events, that is something which many people do not expect to see at weddings. And, contrary to popular belief, modern magicians do not require too much space and props.