Asian Wedding Photography – Superb Memories of Your Big Day for You to Cherish Forever

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asian_weddings0017Well, heartiest congratulations upon fixing the date of your big day! But are you a bit perturbed? Do you think that as yours will be an Asian wedding and wedding photographers in the Western country you are living in may not be well aware of Asian wedding customs and rituals? And so, they may not cover your big day in a way you want? You are totally wrong there! To your relief, wedding photographers in the Western countries know their job very well, whether their clients are Western, Asian or Fusion! They will sit with you, know your expectations, you can divulge what you want from them and when you will see the end result, you will be amazed. So, before meeting your wedding photographer, you just have to have an idea of what you expect.

Asian weddings are about celebrations, feasting, music and dance and a lot of pomp! So, you can trigger your creativity and you will find many fun moments of which you would like to create memories to cherish them for years to come. Here are some such moments.

Bizarre Spots

Catching photos at your wedding venue is a standard practice. But choosing bizarre spots as photo locations is always a nice idea with a twist. Look at this photo caught by Vilija of caught in the middle of a flowing street. All the signs that show that it’s a street provide the backdrop for the photo – a strange, yet attractive one!


By the way, is specialized in Asian, Western as well as Fusion Wedding Photography. Its founder, Vilija Domante-Simpson is passionate about wedding photography. Based in Preston, Vilija covers all the wedding venues in her home town, in Manchester, Lancashire. She offers a variety of Asian Wedding Photography packages and fun wedding photo booth about which we will discuss later.

Creative Use of a Mirror

Mirrors can be used in wedding photos in lots of ways. Here is a fantastic idea. You can make all your bridesmaids stand in a row, wearing colorful sarees and holding a full size mirror, in front of which you will stand, so that the mirror will have your reflection. You (your back) will be totally out of the photo or inside or both – as you wish!

A Secret Photo

Though you might have instructed your photographer to take it, the moment it is taken, you might not know about it. It’s a photo taken secretly while you were posing for another photo. Your photographer can catch numerous such moments where you were not posing for her/his camera and so, the angle is totally different than the one you posed for, and anyone can hardly believe that it is the same moment. The details have been captured exactly and therefore the photo looks gorgeous.


Individual Bridal Elements

As said earlier, Asian wedding is about celebration, feasting and lots of pomp. No wonder, the bride is adorned from her head to toe, and every element of her bridal ensemble should ideally be captured in the camera individually, especially her jewelry, mehndi, bindi, hairstyle and the sparkling and colorful embroidery on her dress.


Glory of Wedding Ensemble As a Whole

A bride is the beauty queen of her big day! You should of course flaunt your entire wedding ensemble too in which you are looking so glorious. Bride’s photos from her back are a bit offbeat, yet beautiful. This is such a charming photo in which the glory of her wedding dress, jewelry, hairstyle and her beautiful face all are showing, when she meets her sweetheart at the entrance of the venue.


Guests Taking Photos

You appoint a talented wedding photographer; but there are several amateur photographers in every wedding. And these days, actually, anyone and everyone can turn a photographer with their camera phones. You can catch the moments while your guests taking the photos of your wedding moments in their mobile phones. This is also a fun photo idea!

Wedding Couple Walking on the Aisle

In Asian weddings, there is no aisle actually. However, in a wedding of any ethnicity, there is a path from where the bride arrives to take vows with her partner and then the newlyweds leave the wedding venue, which can be called an aisle! This is such a photo of a fabulous pair of newlyweds walking on the aisle holding each other’s hands!


About Vilija of VSFoto

Vilija of VSFoto is a passionate wedding photographer who catches wedding photos so fabulously that you will fall for them and every time when you will watch them later in your life, either with your guests or your partner or alone, you will feel amazing.

VSFoto offers various wedding packages to suit the needs of any couple. There are:

Standard Package: The standard package of VSFoto is 299 pounds which includes 2 to 3 hours of photography and a CD/DVD with images in full resolution.

Silver Package: Silver Package of VSFoto is of 599 pounds and includes informal consultations, 7 hours of photography, CD/DVD, your favorite A3 size frame and an online gallery which you can see anytime conveniently whenever you are online, even on your mobile phone.

Gold Package: Gold Package is for 799 pounds and offers you 7 hours of photography, CD/DVD or Memory Stick of all your photos and an Italian medium-sized hand-crafted 20-page fabulous wedding story album, and also online gallery.

Photo Booth: An extremely fun photo booth is also offered by VSFoto for just 150 pounds. This is a fantastic value addition to your wedding entertainment and your guests will be delighted with it.

Amazing Special Offers: VSFoto offers amazing special offers on Asian Wedding Photography, such as:

  • 2-day Deal: 2-day Asian Wedding Photography for 899 pounds which includes CD/DVD, 2 large prints, online gallery and wedding story slideshow of both the days with 12 hours of photography.
  • 3-day Deal: The 3-day offer is for 1200 pounds and includes 16 hours of photography, CD/DVD, 2 large prints and all the above facilities.

Watch this amazing video of VSFoto’s Asian Wedding Photography:

Don’t you think this is wonderful? So, if you are in a Western country, planning for your Asian wedding and wondering where you can get a wedding photographer just as you wanted, your wonderment is over! An amazing Asian wedding photographer is at your service anytime; discuss the above ideas with them and you will have superb memories of your big day to cherish forever.