Awesome Wedding Flower Display Ideas

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wedding flowersThough there are innumerable decoration options that regularly keep coming and going, flowers have grabbed an irreplaceable position as a wedding decoration material, that too since ages and until today. An elegant bouquet of fresh flowers in the bride’s hand or hung over the entry door of wedding venue or kept in the center of the dining table cannot be replaced by anything. Flowers make the atmosphere so fresh and lively – just appropriate for an occasion like wedding.  And the real beatify of flowers is you can use them in various ways – in a single shade or a color bonanza, same types of flowers or various types, and so on. They look beautiful in any way. Let’s see what are the various ways you can have your wedding bouquets.

Red Roses

Roses are all-time favorite flowers of a bride, and as such everyone. You can create a red rose theme for your wedding in a variety of bouquet arrangements. Keep bouquets in vases, on doors, on backdrops, or anywhere you like. Or spread their petals on the aisle – an awesome way to head towards your beloved. If you want them in combination, you can combine white roses with red ones which look simply awesome. The key is to choose some pale color with the dark red roses and the combination will look amazing, whether it is white or pink or light green (foliage), or light purple or light blue. Red roses will add elegance to your big day, being a symbol of love and romance. Therefore red roses make an appropriate wedding decoration material.

red rose decoration

roses spread on aisle

Jam Jars for Bouquets

Glass jars are awesome to keep bouquets. They look elegant and make ideal vases and containers for flowers. You have a lot of jars in your house which you can use to decorate your wedding venue with bouquets kept in jam and other jars. To add a more beautiful touch to the whole affair, fill the jars with colorful stones or shells in the remaining space of the jars after you erect the bouquets and add water. Or just keep the bouquets in plain water.

bouquets in jam jars

Watering Cans and Jugs

Watering cans and jugs too make awesome holders of your wedding bouquets, adding a country touch to your big day. Whether to polish them to shine or keep them as they are is your choice. Just check that they should create the correct atmosphere with their presence and not a mess. This is an awesome idea if you are celebrating your big day in a farm house or a barn or a winery.

watering can to hold flowers

jug holding flowers

Rustic Flower Bouquets

A rustic mix of gold, amber, bronze and red kept in cane baskets adds an awesome touch to your country wedding. Such arrangements are perfect for autumn weddings, being striking and bright, but at the same time informal and cozy. You can also use berries, but use unripe ones, as ripe berries are likely to drop and stain clothes.

rustic in cane basket

Room Filled with Flowers

It is also not a bad idea to keep a dedicated room or a corner of the wedding venue just for your flower display! It is awesome to keep various types of wedding bouquets and arrangements in a room where the guests can take a walk to get a nice feel. Flowers make the beholders calm and your guests will appreciate this idea of wedding decoration.

room full of flowers