Celebrate a Lavish Wedding with Economical DIY Flowers

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DIY wedding flowersIf you want to decorate your big day lavishly and yet want to save money on it, there is no better way out than DIY wedding flowers. With DIY flowers, you can make your choice of flower arrangements without having to pay a lot for them – that way you can save some valuable bucks which you can splurge elsewhere. Let’s see various ways to save money on DIY wedding flowers.

Get a Feel of Expensive with Only A Few

If you are planning a rustic wedding, your table can be decorated with fresh-picked bright blooms. By tucking in a few expensive flowers, you can create an air of lavishness, and such a mixed arrangement can save your cash. If you are fond of peonies, but cannot afford them in bunches, use only a few of them. Buy affordable flowers like carnations, roses and lisianthus. The peonies seen within will accentuate other flowers.

a few expensive

Single Color

A single color of flowers will be daring, but impressive. E.g. a bright tint of pink can create an air of tropical beaches, whereas ruby red will take your mind to Far East. Most importantly, it saves money which is our main purpose here. A single type of flower sometimes costs much less than a variety. Moreover only one or two types of flowers make greater impact, particularly if they are in bold colors or complementary color schemes.

single color

Greens will Save

For a rustic feel, tiny loose arrangements are best. While choosing patterns, don’t choose ones which are very tight and compacted, because they need tons of flowers. Moreover choosing designs with more of lush greens, like plumose, seeded eucalyptus or bear grass will help bulk up the size of the arrangement.


greens 2

Plan Wedding when Flowers Bloom

Obviously when flowers bloom, they are available at low prices because of abundance. Plan your wedding during such a season for example spring.

when flowers bloom

Bring in Your Own Containers

Another good way to save money with wedding flowers is provide florist with your own containers. You need not be confused regarding from where to bring them. You might have many buckets, mason jars, tin cans etc, in your home which can be recycled. Decorate them a little with bright paints and embellishments like your old trinkets etc and they will turn into wonderful vases. But don’t forget to take measurements. Containers having large mouths will take in more flowers.

diy_flower containers

diy_flower containers 2

diy_flower containers 3

Innovative Centerpieces

Trigger your creativity a little and innovative ideas for centerpieces will come to your mind. Instead of regular flower centerpieces, you can create ones from delicious fresh fruits and veggies, which are even attractive to look at. These can be later used later for salads, and save your money on flowers.

fruits centerpiece

Another unconventional idea is to use innovative elements to flower arrangements like feathers, ribbons, etc to accentuate the beauty of flowers, as well as impart volume to the arrangements.

feathers in bouquet

Thus, by implementing a variety of ideas, you can decorate your big day in such a way that it will appear lavish, but at the same time it is incredibly money-saving. So, celebrate your DIY wedding with economical yet lovely wedding flowers.