Centerpieces for Weddings: Brilliant Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Posted by on Jun 25, 2013 in Wedding tips |

candle wine bottle centerpiecesA wedding reception is the time to celebrate the couple’s journey into a new life. This should be a great celebration and your decoration should coincide with the festivity. Centerpieces for weddings are perfect ideas to set up the mood of the celebration.
If you do not have an artistic or creative bone in your body, there are a lot of resources where you can find ideas for centerpieces for all kinds of weddings. The trick to make these centerpiece ideas your own is to improvise and personalize. Here are some helpful ideas for your wedding:

  • Jell-o centerpieces – a unique centerpiece for a wedding you can use that’s relatively easy to make and very frugal is a Jell-o décor. To add some style into it, use the color motif of your wedding, embed some flower petals or whole flowers, or sprinkle it with beads or pearls depending on your wedding’s theme. Make sure that you place the Jell-o in attractive and unusual-shaped containers to add another innovative twist for this centerpiece.
  • Miniature tea sets – a tea set in a smaller version can also be used as a centerpiece for weddings. It does not take up too much space on the tables, and of course, it’s very attractive especially when bought in the wedding’s color theme.
  • Wedding wine bottles – this type of wedding centerpiece can be done at home with the help of your fiancé and some family members. Collect some wine bottles from friends or from wine tasting events. Thoroughly clean these bottles and if you have time, personalize anyway you can. For marvelous centerpieces for the wedding, try to collect wine bottles in different shapes and sizes. You may put some flowers in these bottles or you may opt to put in some of your own wine in these bottles. Just make sure that you’ve labeled it too.
  • Delectable sweets – there’s nothing more delightful for guests than to be greeted with delectable desserts wrapped in a stylish manner when they take their seats at their designated tables. Bake all kinds of sweets or even make a mini-version of your wedding cake. Purchase some transparent packaging in bulk, put your desserts inside, and decorate your packaging for added effect. You might want to try using ribbons to tie your dessert packages. Have somebody with a knack for art arrange these in each table. Surprise your guests by giving these as favors after a night of partying.

Before you use these centerpieces for your wedding, make sure that it matches with the wedding ideas you have in mind so that you’ll come up with a great party and a special day you’ll treasure forever.