Choosing Among London Wedding Bands

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wedding bandMusic is equally essential in a wedding as the wedding couple, guests, bridal gown, groom’s suit, decoration, food, flowers and jewelry. Music is essential to create a perfect atmosphere to denote a moment of union of two loving individuals. Therefore choosing a wedding band is as important as choosing your groom!  Click here for one of London’s top rated wedding bands.

How will You Find out the Best Wedding Band?

You can find out the best wedding band for your big day through several sources.

Personal Reference – You may ask your friends and family members which is the best wedding band in the city and they will recommend you one. You on your own too will remember an unforgettable band you have listened to in some wedding. You can enquire with that couple and get the contact details of that band.

Internet Search – Internet is always there to help you out in search of anything.  Put search terms like “London wedding bands”, “Wedding Music” or whatever your specific requirements are in Google and a long list of wedding bands will open before you. Go one by one through their websites and look for whether they feature what you desire. You should note that Google sponsored links are just advertisements and are not enlisted according to their popularity.

Using An Agency – You will also see many ads of agencies that promote wedding bands on Google. Agencies offer different levels of services. However, you should remember that agencies might not have verified about the band’s performance before including them in their roster. Plus, agencies charge about 15 to 20% commission of the band’s fees.

The Sound

Roughly wedding bands are of following types:

  • Soft jazz/Background music
  • Rock/Pop
  • Swing/Rat Pack
  • Soul/Disco/RnB

Consider that style which appeals to you as well as your guests. Never let your decision be influenced by others to a great extent. However, it is helpful to listen to their suggestion. A good band which can present a good mix of traditional and contemporary music is ideal. Importantly it should be able to create the required energy on the dance floor.

You can also consider going through the band’s repertoire and let them know whether they have any songs which you do or don’t want. But you also should consider the fact that an experienced professional wedding band has honed their list over several years and they have a better idea regarding which songs will be loved by your guests.

The Looks

The looks of the band are also important. A “cheesy” looking band can totally spoil all the attention details you consider for the other components of your wedding. Scruffy clothing, overdone makeup, etc can damage the stylish look you are dreaming for your special day. To avoid this, you can better take a look at photos of the band while performing.

To create a real dreamy atmosphere at your wedding, music plays a vital role. And therefore you should consider all these points while choosing your wedding band.