Choosing Ideal Wedding Door Gifts to Delight Your Guests

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wedding door giftsDoor gifts or favors are a beautiful tradition observed in many Singaporean weddings. Door gifts are gifts given by the newlywed couple to their guests as a token of gratitude because the guests attended their wedding and added a touch of elegance to the event. Usually wedding door gifts in Singapore weddings reflect the interests of the couple or wedding theme.

There are many types of door gifts which mean something special about life, marriage, etc, like the bitter-sweet nature of life or good wishes about the couple’s marriage. These gifts include mints and candies, Jordan almonds, potpourri sachets and many such things. But in a Singaporean wedding, especially if it’s a Chinese wedding, teabags or tea sachets are ideal door gifts, as tea is an important part of wedding in the form of tea ceremony.


If you personalize your wedding door gifts, your guests will be very pleased. The door gifts can be packed in attractive colorful boxes or packets and decorated with bows. You can also pack the gifts in non-traditional packaging like wine glasses, tiny cages and chairs etc. Next you can personalize the gifts with your names and wedding date on them.

wedding door gifts

How to Choose Perfect Door Gifts for Your Wedding

Cost: While planning your wedding budget, you will also have to consider the cost of door gifts, and then plan what you can give as gifts. Once you allot a certain amount for these gifts, you should stick to that amount and find gifts which you can afford to give to each and every guest.

Wedding Theme: You can also consider your wedding theme while planning the door gifts. As said earlier, a Singaporean and particularly Chinese wedding can ideally plan teabags or sachets as door gifts. Other ideas are wine bottles if you have arranged a vineyard-themed wedding, small potted plants if you will be having a garden wedding, and so on.

Or you can give gifts that can be immediately used or eaten by your guests like candies, chocolates, fruits and more.

candies as door gifts or Collaboration Tea is founded by two friends passionate about tea and willing to bring an ideal tea culture in the world, and first to their home, Singapore. Look at their various tea blends which are just mouthwatering to look at and are ideal as wedding door gifts, enough to delight your guests.

tea sachets as wedding door gifts by collaboration tea