Choosing The Perfect Wedding Jewellery

Posted by on Dec 11, 2011 in Wedding tips |


In a woman’s life, the wedding day is for sure one of the biggest days. As she elegantly approaches the altar, all the guests watch every step she takes and observe every single detail about her. For that reason, she simply has to look beautiful and astonishing. Wedding gown is of vital importance for bride’s appearance, but the wedding jewellery accentuates her beauty. Choosing the right jewellery for this significant day may look quite difficult, but there are some useful tips making it easier to find the perfect wedding accessories.

The most important is that the wedding jewellery fits the design and the style of the wedding dress. Next, the jewellery should also fit the bridal hairstyle and the wedding theme. And certainly, when the bride looks in the mirror, she should like what she sees. Sometimes, jewellery pieces can look wonderful and perfect, but the bride is not feeling comfortable wearing them.

One of the questions the bride should ask herself before making decision about the wedding jewellery is whether she wants to be more natural or sparkling. If she decides she wants her jewellery to sparkle, the good choice are necklace and earrings made of gold and silver and decorated with crystals or diamonds. Pearls would make bride look more natural and tender, elegant without looking too glitzy.

As mentioned above, the wedding jewellery should match the wedding dress and hairstyle. If the bride is wearing her hair pulled back with hairpieces or tiara, longer dangling earrings are good choice because they will be the perfect addition to bridal attire. But, if the bride wears her hair down, the earrings should not be long in order to avoid tangling them in hair, which can only be uncomfortable during the marriage ceremony. The right choice when wearing the long hair down are simple and beautiful single pearl or diamond earrings. With some elegant but simple dress design, some complex and elaborate necklace will match perfectly. Vice versa, with a more complex wedding dress design, some simple and elegant jewellery items should be considered.

Even though the wedding day is really of extreme importance in a woman’s life, choosing and shopping for wedding jewellery should not be stressful, but fun. Take your time, try out many possibilities and once you fall in love with your look, you’ll know that you made the right choice.