Custom-Made Wedding Dress – Things You Should Know

Posted by on Mar 29, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding dress makerChoosing the right wedding dress is probably the most stressful and interesting choice you have to make as a bride. If you consider to hire a wedding dress maker, you will more likely get a better fit, but there is more to it. You can choose the design, colors and fabrics, plus you wouldn’t have to go to bridal boutiques. What else should you know about buying custom-made wedding dress?

The most obvious benefit of wearing a custom-made gown on your wedding is the fit. This is especially important is your figure is challenging to fit; hiring a wedding dress maker will save you heartache and headache. And, although custom-made gowns tend to be more expensive than off the rack ones, they don’t always cost a fortune.

Nevertheless, with off-the-rack gown you know what you’ll get, while a custom-made dress usually depends on the person creating it. Just because something is custom-made does not mean it will be perfectly made. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right wedding dress maker. My first advice is to hire someone whose work you are familiar with and you admire it. Word of mouth here plays a big role, so say your friends and co-workers that you are interested in having your wedding dress custom-made. If you are still unsatisfied, start looking online: we’re living in the world of technology, aren’t we?

Is custom-made wedding dress always the best (or even the only right) choice? Well, I wouldn’t agree with that completely. First of all, if you have a figure that’s easy to fit and if you already like the existing dress models and designs, it might be better and cheaper to purchase off-the-rack wedding gown. The time it takes to sew a custom-made dress may vary and you would probably wait for it to be finished several weeks (or even more). Having in mind that brides-to-be get quite impatient while planning their big day, not being able to have their dress in hands a way before the big day might be unbearable.

So, take your time, take all the pros and cons into account, know your budget and I’m sure you’ll make the right whether to hire a wedding dress maker or to buy off-the-rack gown.