Customize Your Wedding Items to View them Forever

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery bride has her own ideas about her big day. The wedding gown, wedding décor, wedding menu, wedding ring, bridesmaids’ dresses, jewelry and accessories and so many details are included in a wedding that she is often confused to manage all of them. The most difficult is to think upon how to make your wedding unique, and regarding this, customization of wedding details is a nice idea. E.g. customized wedding dress hangers, customized toasting flute sets, cake knife, and many such things add uniqueness to your special day. Let’s see which wedding details you can customize in this way.

Customized Wedding Dress Hangers

Customizing wedding dress hangers is a really unique idea and when your photos feature your fabulous wedding gown hung on a hanger with your name and a lovely design, it is indeed a pleasing sight to behold. You can get them customized in various ways you want like one-liners containing your name in one line, or having “Mrs.” above your name, having your wedding date with your name, with hearts on both sides of your name or other special designs of your choice, and many more. Same way, you can also order such customized hangers for the dresses of your mother and sisters and also for kids in the family. Luis Serrano is an expert in designing such customized wedding dress hangers which you will love. Take a look at some of his creations here.



white hanger

Customized Toasting Flute Sets

Customizing your toasting flutes is also an equally nice idea. Raise a toast in style for your future life with toasting flutes which have your names, wedding date and other details you want on them. These flutes can be decorated in various ways as per your choice and wedding theme. E.g. if your wedding is beach-themed, these flutes can be decorated with starfish, conches, pearls and such other amazing marine items. If you are celebrating a spring-themed wedding, flowers are always present to decorate them. Then there are stars, snowflakes, leaves, and many such things with which you can get your toasting flute sets decorated.

customized flutes

customized flutes2

customized flutes3

Customized Cake Knife and Server Sets

Get your cake knife and server beautifully customized and after you cut and serve your wedding cake with them, they are with you for life, for all your celebratory moments, like birthdays, anniversaries and many more. Once you get them customized, they serve as a timeless keepsake all through your life. These too you can get of various types, like gold, crystal, with white, ivory or colored accents, and so on.

customized knife and server

customized knife and server2

customized knife and server3

Customized Sand Ceremony Sets

Sand ceremony is a popular and unique alternative to the trend of unity candle. This ceremony is to be performed by the newlywed couple by pouring sand from their own vases into a new larger vase. This larger vase becomes a symbol of their forthcoming life together. This is a nice trend for children too, as each child pours sand in the vase to symbolize new family. You can get your sand ceremony sets customized as per your choice to have more fun and style. With numerous colors of sand to choose from, along with unique styled vases and vessels, these sets serve as decorative keepsakes perfectly fitting your mantle or anywhere in your home.

customized sand ceremony set

customized sand ceremony set2

customized sand ceremony set3

Customizing your wedding things in such a way will make your special day really special, by not only staying in your memory, but also before your eyes forever.