Don’t Forget Buying An Important Accessory – Your Wedding Shoes

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pearl crystal boots for winter weddingWhile most of your attention is focused on your wedding dress, you may forget to buy an important accessory – your wedding shoes! And if you forget it, you will have to hassle through their shopping at the last minute, ending up into getting shoes that are biting, ugly, misfit, in short wrong! To avoid this, start shopping for wedding shoes along with your bridal gown. Today you can get everything in the comfort of your own home, I mean through online shopping. E.g. has got an awesome collection of wedding shoes. Here are some tips to find a correct pair of wedding shoes for you.

Give Priority to Comfort

You may come across shoes that look stunning. But give priority to your comfort first, because you will wear shoes right from early morning till late night. If they are uncomfortable it will show on your face and you certainly will not want your face agonized in your wedding photos. Remember that wedding shoes are created with extra padding and support for this very purpose. Avoid buying cheap shoes without padding just to save some bucks.

pearl peep toe wedding shoes

Which Fabric should I Prefer?

Traditionally, silk and satin are the most popular fabrics for wedding shoes because of their luster, smoothness and richness. But you can also choose any other material as per your choice. A thing to remember is if your bridal gown is non-traditional, you need not choose traditional shoes.

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Wedding being a celebration, allows flashy things and so if you choose flashy shoes, there won’t be any harm. Keep in mind your wedding color theme and choose shoes accordingly. Shoes adorned with diamonds and colored jewels look extremely stunning and add to your bridal beauty.

sexy red suede high heel wedding shoes

What Height of Heels should I Choose?

Ideally you should not make a change to whatever you are used to so as to feel comfortable. If you are used to flats, wear flats on your big day, because it’s certainly not the time to experiment. Still if you want to add some height (and it is practical) choose styles like platforms or lower kittens.

gold pointed flat wedding shoes

Consider Venue

Sometimes, especially in case of an off-beat wedding, venue should also play an important role in your decision of choosing shoes. E.g. if you are tying the knot on a beach, funky flip-flops, wedges or sandals are ideal, while for a cold wedding destination, ankle boots are perfect.

pearl crystal boots for winter wedding


You are very much willing to perform the first dance after the ceremony and thereafter, even for the entire evening; so, keep that in mind while choosing shoes. Otherwise, apply a strategy to use a different pair while dancing and your special bridal shoes when you are stable.

pink wedding shoes flats

Wearing Bridal Shoes Again

This is an important decision. Will you use your bridal shoes after your big day? Or they will be buried forever in your closet never to see the sunshine again? Well, if you have purchased a dazzling pair, you can wear it on grand parties and other events. So, it’s not necessary that your bridal shoes should be useful only for one day.

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