Educate Yourself Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

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wedding dress tipsThough you are on top of the world as your big day is around the corner, anyone can know that you are stressed – why? – because you are to do the most important shopping for your wedding – your bridal gown! Let’s face it – bridal gown, though is the most beautiful garment of our lifetime, is the most stressful thing too when its shopping is concerned. In that scenario, will it help to some extent if you know some jargon of the various styles, necklines, bodice, sleeves and so on? If yes, let’s have it here!

Let’s first take a quick look at some prominent styles of wedding dresses:


The sheath style is also called column because it gives a column shape to the body, i.e. it is a straight design. It is a good style to hide several body flaws. Short brides look best in this style.



Rightly named so, this gown is contoured against the body up to the knees and then flowing out. It is the sexiest style and if your body is perfectly proportioned you can dare to choose this style.


The waistline of an empire wedding gown is raised right below the bust and then flowing down into a skirt that floats over the hips, then flaring slightly to the floor. This is a style that suits most body types. If you are a small-busted woman, this style is perfect for you.

Ball Gown

If you look at the pictures of Cinderella, you will know how a ball gown looks. It has a fitted bodice and a very full skirt. Sleeves of this dress can be of any type. If your thighs and hips are large, ball gown is a right choice for you.

ball gown


The A-line dress is also called princess dress and has no defined waist and its vertical seams flow straight down from shoulders to a flared skirt, thereby giving your body a shape of “A”. If your middle part is broad, A-line dress is perfect for you.

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Now let’s take a look at the glossary of various parts of a wedding gown.


  • veilCathedral: 9 feet or even longer
  • Chapel: Falling a bit longer than floor length
  • Ballet: Falling up to ankles
  • Fingertip: Falling up to the fingertips
  • Flyaway: Falling up to shoulders
  • Elbow: Falling up to elbows or waist
  • Blusher: Around 28 inches long
  • Birdcage: Falling right under the chin, normally fitted to a headpiece


  • Surplice: Sections of fabric wrapping up the back or front
  • Tank: Sleeveless, wide armholes
  • Midriff: Very fitted around waistline
  • Halter: Sleeveless, wrapping around neck and usually backless
  • Corset: Fitted bodice having lace-up and boning closures


  • sweetheartScoop: Classic, U-shaped
  • Strapless: Without any support from shoulders. Not advisable if you are small-busted.
  • Square: Square-shaped, usually fashioned with empire style.
  • Off-the-Shoulder: Keeping the shoulder tops bare
  • Jewel: Resembles that of a t-shirt
  • High: Covering almost the entire neck.
  • Sweetheart: Shaped like the top portion of a heart
  • Halter: Wrapping around the back of the neck forming deep armholes.
  • Bateau: Running straight across from shoulder to shoulder – good coverage
    V-neck: Shaped like V


  • bateau necklineSpaghetti: Thin straps with no sleeves
  • Pouf: Short and gathered to form a puffy look
  • Poet: Fitted up to elbows and then flaring out
  • Juliet: Fitted long sleeves, puffy at shoulders
  • Fitted Point: Fitted long sleeves that just cover shoulders
  • Cap: Rounded sleeves that slightly cover the shoulders
  • Bell: Long sleeves flaring out creating the shape of a bell

And there are short-, long-, 3/4th-sleeves and sleeveless styles.


  • Floor Length: Touching floor from all sides
  • Tea (Intermission) Length: Between ankles and knees
  • Ballet Length: Just below the ankles
  • Street Length: Just below the knees


  • Royal: Falling over 9 feet below the waist.
  • Cathedral: Falling around 6 to 9 feet below the waist
  • Chapel: Falling 4 feet below the waist
  • Court: Falling 3 feet below waist
  • Sweep: 8 to 12 inches long, only some inches longer than the gown

long train

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