Finding the Best Wedding videographer for Your Best Day

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danceIf you are planning to hire a videographer for your big day, it’s a great decision because there is a unique fun in watching yourself in motion rather than posing with (sometimes) an unnatural smile before the camera. It’s not necessary that you should altogether drop the idea of hiring a photographer as well – it depends largely on your budget and personal choice. Wedding photos too have their own importance. But if you have got your wedding video at hand which you can see anytime and enjoy those dreamy moments again, the experience is quite matchless. Here are some tips for choosing your videographer.

Point-and-shoot Videographer

If you want the most basic videography service, a point-and-shoot videographer is the one you are looking for. They shoot only the basic documentation of your big day and so are the cheapest. You can inquire around, check with your friends and check their wedding videos if they have hired this type of service to get an idea.

Some brides may find it cheesy to see just a record of the events which they will get with point-and-shoot videography. In that case, they can ask to add gimmicky sound effects and animated graphics. Some pros do that to tone down such types of treatments.

Remember that making your guests to say something to the camera has now become outdated; so don’t forget to inform your videographer about not doing that.

Ensure that your choice of music is included at various moments.

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How will You Find Just the Right One?

Well, there is no particular recipe as to how you will find just the right videographer. But asking around and checking with friends is the best option. If you are getting recommendations from those whom you know well, it means that the videographer is definitely reliable.

You can also choose to have your wedding filmed from the same person who is photographing your big day, if s/he is equally competent in videography as s/he is in photography.

Once you get some names upon your friends’ recommendations, you should check their websites and videos they have shot to get an idea of their style. It may happen that they don’t have a website or a poorly designed one. This is a warning signal that s/he is not technologically savvy and may not be a good choice.

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Documentary Style Wedding Video

Shooting your big day like a documentary or Hollywood film is a fantastic idea. You can find videographers who have degrees in broadcast journalism or filmmaking and get your wedding shot in a “fly on the wall” style and turn your wedding video to an interesting story.

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8 or 16 mm Film – an Ultimate Statement

Capturing your wedding on a real 8 or 16 mm motion picture film is an ultimate style statement. This is the format of rich, silky Hollywood movies, but also is an expensive one.

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