Hiring a Limo – 5 Basic Tips

Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Wedding tips |

stretch-three-2Some people don’t think that having an amazing entrance and/or exit on their wedding day is important. However, most couples don’t fall in that category, so they are looking for ways to find a spot in their wedding budget where they can scrounge up that dough. If your heart beats faster when you imaging showing up at your special event in a luxurious limo, then by all means do the right thing and rent classic Rolls Royce or that super-stretch Hummer! We’re here to give you some useful tips on renting a limo for your wedding!

#1 After you’ve settled the date, reception site and you realize how many people your wedding party will count, you should book a car company. We’re talking about at least six months in advance, especially if you’re getting married in graduation/prom season.

#2 Although you aren’t technically required to give your bridal party a ride, it might be the best way to thank them for working hard for you on preparing the big day. They’ll be able to celebrate without worrying about how to get around and what they should drink. Since some couples like to come to their wedding ceremony alone, it would be nice to get their bridesmaids and groomsmen their own limo.

#3 Once you’ve researched companies online and you’ve chosen certain limousine service for weddings in Vancouver, BC, for instance, make your final booking in person. This is the only way to get a look at the car you will be riding in, so you’ll avoid any unwelcoming surprises.

#4 Since most rental companies charge their service per hour, it’s better to contract them for the full day. Yes, we’re suggesting paying for the wait, because it means having a driver for you all day.

#5 Renting a limo is supposed to be luxurious, so give yourself an opportunity to be a diva on your big day. Therefore, add some extras into a contract before you sign it. For example, you can request a special type of champagne or a specific outfit for the driver, since these things can be easily accommodated.