How to Be Your Wedding Videographer’s Assistant

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding videography tipsProfessionally produced wedding videos are gaining in popularity, because only a video can capture both the audio and visual elements and combine them. Couples wish to capture the applause and laughter on their big day; therefore, they hire a wedding videographer. We have asked an experienced Manchester wedding videographer to tell us how a bride (and her groom) could assist their videographers to get the best video possible? Here’s what we have found out.

Let there be Light! Proper lighting is of high importance for photography and videography. Reception halls and churches can be subdued and dark. Although this can be the mood a couple desires, there has to be enough light to capture the video. Why wouldn’t you talk to the reception hall manager or clergy to see whether your videographer could use supplementary lighting while shooting the reception or the ceremony?

Be informative! By ensuring the videographers are in tune with your wedding program, they will be able to shoot all the important moments you want them to capture. Since, for example, the first dance and cutting the cake cannot be redone, make sure your videographers have a vantage point not hidden by the flowers, wedding guests and walls.

The Best Wishes have to be heard! The segment where your wedding guests speak into a microphone and give best wishes to the bride and groom can be really touching. Normally, it’s done during a pause in the reception. What can be a problem here is that your videographers will need a quiet place to plug in a supplementary light. Since you need to hear the voices of your beloved family and friends, make sure you arrange a quiet area for the Best Wishes segment where your videographers won’t compete with your wedding music. It’s the best way to improve audio quality of your wedding video.