How to Buy the Best Wedding Clutch Bags

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Wedding Clutch BagA clutch bag is the most appropriate accessory for a bride to wear on her big day. Its small and concise shape and capacity to include small but important items that a bride may need during the ceremony makes it a perfect component of bridal wear. While shopping for wedding clutch bags if you have detailed information about the bag and if you consider some points, that will make you more clear about what you want.

Clutch Features

clutch 1Clutch although are typically small-sized, extravagantly large models are also available. Clutches always complement the outfit and so it is an ideal bridal accessory. You can buy clutches in several high street cloth stores or from dedicated shops that deal only with bags. Today’s best way to buy clutches is to buy them online, where you can have a look at innumerable models, styles, designs and colors any time and for hours in the comfort of your home and then select one that is best suited to you. You get the delivery at your doorstep.


clutch 2Basically clutch is a flat and rectangular bag, which is called envelope shape. This shape makes them easy to carry. However, today many other exciting shapes and designs are also available, like oval, heart-shaped, with rounded edges, half-circles and many more.

Designs and Embellishments

clutch 3As wedding is a lifetime event, you want it to celebrate it with the best showy dressing and accessories, which you can get in your clutch too. Clutches may be embellished with beads, laces, metal details, bows, studs, buckles, ornaments and many other eye-catching details.


clutch 5A clutch can be very tiny so as to accommodate only 2-3 things inside or it can be very big to take in various things needed throughout the day. While choosing the size of your wedding clutch bag, you should visualize which things you will need throughout your wedding day and choose size accordingly.


clutch 4Fasteners of clutch bags too are of various types, like magnets, buckles, clasps and zips, while some even feature a flap which is not fastened in any way. To avoid any mess during the ceremony, you better choose the fastener which is fastened tightly enough. These fasteners are of various patterns which add to the showiness of the purse, which too you can choose as per your liking.


Though a clutch is considered more for style than functionality, you should pay attention to the interior of the bag. You should see to it keenly that the bag would keep your things organized with one or more compartments it has.

clutch 7Some clutches even have straps attached to make them more convenient for holding. You can choose such a bag too. The strap goes around wrist and can be of metal chains in dazzling golden or silver. This type of clutch is known as a wristlet.


clutch 6Clutches are made from numerous materials, like leather, satin, silk, velvet, and more. For an occasion like wedding the bride should wear a clutch made from materials like silk, velvet or satin because these materials are lustrous. But you can even prefer a leather bag; but choose the color carefully. For an unmatched glitter, you can also choose a beaded clutch.

Choosing a clutch to wear on your big day is not a very hard job; however you might be confused looking at the variety available. You have so many types to choose from and if you know exactly what you want, you will definitely find one which will compliment your entire persona on your special day.