How to Choose a Perfect Bridal Kanjivaram Saree

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bridal kanjivaram saree splash of coloursUnlike Western weddings, Indian weddings are full of colours and one of the main sources of a splash of colours is the saree of the bride. As such, there are countless types of sarees that are preferred by Indian brides, but some are especially coveted and one such saree is a Kanjivaram saree. These are bright coloured silk and zari sarees made in Kanchipuram, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and not only sought after by South Indian brides but brides from many Indian states because of its grace, high-quality silk and zari and the edge it offers to the bride’s personality. If you are planning to buy a Kanjivaram saree, here are some useful tips for you.


Why a Kanjivaram Saree for the Bride?


A Kanjivaram saree is often supposed to rival North India’s world-famous Banarasi saree which too is highly treasured bridal attire. What distinguishes a Kanjivaram saree from a Banarasi saree is the heavy usage of silk and zari (embroidery with golden or silver thread). You can watch a range of this exquisite saree at

Kanjivaram sarees have a rich tradition of being originated by Sage Markanda, a master weaver in Hindu mythology, whose descendants have carried on the making of this saree till date. It’s quite intricate and complicated to weave a Kanjivaram saree and it may take from 10 days to even a month to complete one saree.

bridal kanjivaram saree

Signs of an Authentic Kanjivaram Saree


An authentic Kanjivaram saree is made with pure mulberry silk from the neighbouring state of Karnataka and gold zari from the state of Gujarat. It is made with three types of silk threads which give the saree its weight which is around 2kg or even more. The border of the saree is made separately from the body and then both are interlocked together.

The border of the saree is very special. It is totally different from the overall design of the saree and various kinds of motifs like the sun, moon, peacocks, chariots, lions, parrots, leaves, flowers, swans, elephants etc are used in it to make it extremely appealing, just appropriate for a bride.


How to Choose a Perfect Kanjivaram Saree as Your Bridal Attire According to Your Body Type?


When it comes to choosing a perfect Kanjivaram saree, you can consider several factors and that may easily confuse you. No matter how high quality, expensive saree you buy, if you don’t choose it according to your body type, it can break your look.

Your height is the most important factor. If you are short, wide borders will look overwhelming and you’ll look shorter than you actually are. If you are of medium height, choose slim, medium width borders or even no borders at all to create an illusion of a few more inches. And if you are blessed with a more than average height and/or full figure, wide borders will accentuate your personality.

The same rule applies for motifs too. Large motifs like extra-high temple motifs, big checks or horizontal bold strips should be avoided if you are not very tall and are a bit plump because these patterns will create an illusion of broadness. If you are longing for these designs, go for small checks, fine horizontal lines or designs of trailing vines. Plain sarees with small/medium motifs, like buttis, mangoes, flowers etc are also perfect for short or average height, while tall-framed brides can choose larger motifs. Tall, full-figured brides can also easily carry the weight of the saree with such heavy zari, which petite brides cannot.

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Choosing a Perfect Colour Combination


Indian brides are blessed with a range of complexions which makes them spoilt for choice of colours. Dusky brides look best in a combo of light body and bright borders and pallu, while comparatively fair brides can choose bright, medium-bright or pastel body, borders and pallu.

The best thing about a Kanjivaram saree is that it’s timeless and you can wear it for many prestigious events even after your wedding. In this way, it’s a great investment. Choose among many lovely Kanjivaram sarees at!

bridal kanjivaram saree splash of colours