How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitations?

Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding invitationSimilar to picking the perfect wedding gown and booking the best wedding venue, ordering wedding invitations can make you nervous, too. Although their goal is to inform and invite your wedding guests, wedding invitation set the theme and tone for the entire affair, too. Are there any hard and fast rules about style and design of wedding invitations? Even though the answer is no, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding invitations. After all, they’ll last forever in your mom’s scrapbook.

If you’re planning a more formal wedding, opt for classic, traditional fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, Book Antiqua etc. These fonts never go out of style, especially when combined with a white, ivory or soft cream paper that enhances their effect. For couples that would like to throw a little bit informal wedding party, Symbol, Comic Sans, Courier New are perhaps better options, in particular if you combine them with non-traditional colored papers. It’s of high importance to double check legibility, especially if you’ve chosen more decorative fonts, since they can become quite illegible at small sizes.

Does your wedding have a signature theme or color? If the answer is yes, you should keep an eye out for invitation that use those elements and you can continue with that colors/themes throughout all the later printed materials, such as place cards, programs etc. However, don’t be too obsessed with that! If you cannot find the same theme or color you’ve chosen for the entire wedding and yet you like the rest of certain invitations, go for them and you’ll make an excellent choice!

Finally, what one couple love, another couple hate. An outgoing bride might feel that a golden pocket fold with a satin ribbon perfectly sets the tone for a flashy, elaborate wedding. Nevertheless, a traditional bride could feel that nothing beats the classic wedding invitation, featuring black, silver or gold lettering on a white cotton cardstock. It’s your own wedding and your wedding invitations should show off your own preferences and style and how you imagine your big day!