Is Destination Wedding Right For You?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Every couple dream to have a perfect and the most romantic wedding ever. Can we blame ourselves for wanting something like that? After all, we are just celebrating absolutely most important thing – the power of love. Beach sunsets, the sound of the whales, the smell of the sea are all the reasons why beach weddings have become very popular. But, is a destination wedding right for you? There are things you should consider before deciding to travel somewhere in order to get married. There are some online spaces, such as That Travel Lady ( willing to help you organize the perfect destination wedding.

Even though lots of people think money can be a problem when managing destination wedding, it does not have to be too expensive. The reasons why destination weddings are equally expensive or even cheaper than those organized nearby place you are living are numerous. First of all, you do not invite so many people to go to Tahiti with you, and even if you do, a lot of them have a difficulties traveling too far for a weekend. So, if you want to have a big wedding with many invitees, destination wedding might not be the right choice. Also, if you have a significant guests who cannot travel because of the health condition or business obligations, you should think carefully about whether to have a destination wedding. On the hand, if you want to have less formal and more casual, romantic wedding celebration for the closest family members and friends, there is no better option than destination wedding.

Usually a destination wedding is a third of the cost of a traditional wedding. This is because of the reasons mentioned above that most all inclusive resorts offer wedding and honeymoon packages for a fraction of the costs of a ballroom or stateside hotel. When on destination wedding, you do not have to come back home and then to organize honeymoon. It can begin on the next day after your marriage celebration. So, you can save both on wedding planning and honeymoon costs. However, if you want to be all alone while on honeymoon, destination wedding might not be such a good idea. If your invitees decide to travel to your wedding venue, they might think about spending few more days there. There are, of course, ways to avoid this, but keep this in mind when deciding. Having your honeymoon at the same time can often mean staying some days after your guests leave so you don’t always have to have your guests join you on the honeymoon.