Light up Your Big Day with Battery-operated Candles in a Real Cool Way

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battery-operated candles for wedding decorationCongratulations for getting engaged!  What preparations are you doing for your big day? If you are scratching your head about the decoration and are especially concerned with the budget, I have a fantastic pocket-friendly option for you – it’s battery operated candles! These beautiful candles look exactly like real candles and emit a soft, glowing light, just apt to create a romantic ambience for your big day!

Battery-operated candles are white flickering flameless tea lights which you can arrange in numerous patterns to decorate your venue. As a bonus, you get gorgeous faux rose petals too which adds to the beauty of these candles. You can scatter these lovely rose petals around the tea lights to create amazing arrangements. To add more beauty to the vista, you can add rose oil to the petals!rose petals with battery-operated candles


Here are some excellent ideas for using the battery-operated candles to make the most of them at your big day!

Put Them in Transparent Glasses

You can place the battery-operated candles in clear transparent glasses to increase their aesthetic appeal. You can place these glasses containing the cute candles in the centers of dinner tables or around flower arrangements or you can hang them along curtains. Anyway you use them, they will create superb atmosphere!

battery-operated candles in clear glasses

Arrange Them in the Shape of Hearts

Your wedding is a symbol of union of your hearts! Show this by arranging the candles in the shape of hearts with the amazing red rose petals scattered around them. These glittering hearts will evoke hearty memories of your wedding for years to come!

battery-operated candles in shape of heart

Hang Them on Trees

Battery-operated candles are best for outdoor and garden weddings, because they aren’t extinguished with a breeze. So, there are numerous options for you to create a wonderful atmosphere with them; hang them from the branches of trees or in bushes or on pillars or anywhere you want! You can place them in lanterns as shown in this picture or hang them as they are. Placing them in lanterns gives them a look of real candles.

battery-operated candles hanging on trees

Adorn Stairs

Here is another fantastic idea of decoration! Look at the picture and you will see how superbly stairs have been decorated with battery-operated candles. You can put them in colorful paper bags with beautiful patterns of tiny holes in them. Plus, you can also place 2-3 tiny candles nearby and they will offer a stunning look to your venue. You can do the same idea for your aisle too.

battery-operated candles in paper bags


The best thing about the battery-operated candles is that you can use them with anything, like paper, glass, plastic etc, and they won’t cause any harm. They won’t cause fire or burns. They are perfectly safe for pets, kids and elderly. These candles are LED lamps and score over real candles because they don’t have open flames or molten wax, though they look perfectly like real candles. You can place them on windows or under fans, but they won’t be blown out. Similarly, they are ideal for outdoor weddings for this quality. Turning them on and off is super easy with a switch on their bottom. Their look becomes more natural because of the flicker which is extremely realistic. And the light they emit is extremely pleasant, warm and soothing.

battery-operated candles easy to use

So, if you are wondering about what to use for your wedding decoration, battery-operated LED candles are one of the cutest options. Light up your big day with them in a real cool way!