Marogani Experience Tour – A Fantastic Offer for Wedding Couples

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Marogani photo 2Do you want your wedding photos to be excellent but at a fraction of the regular cost? Believe it or not, it is possible! How? Through Marogani photography! Dominique Marogani is a professional photographer who has launched his latest offer named ‘Marogani Experience Tour’. Through this offer, any couple who registers on to marry in 2014 anywhere in US will get their wedding photography done for just $699. Isn’t it amazing? But Marogani has a perfect reason behind it.

Dominique Marogani is a professional photographer and you can see his work on his website. You can expect from him to catch the moments which matter the most to you. As such Marogani does any type of photography like family photos, portraits and more, but he has offered ‘Marogani Experience Tour’ for wedding photography for couples marrying in 2014.

You may feel that when other professional photographers offer their work for nearly a fortune, how is it possible for Marogani for such a low cost. Marogani’s calculation is simple and logical. According to him, if he travels anywhere in the country, the cost of a round trip ticket is not more than $299. Even if he opts out of flight and drives towards the destination, the cost of gas he would spend is about $250. And after deducting the cost of lodging and boarding, he gets the profit of $300 or even more for one day of work which he loves, which is equal to the amount he used to get in a week from his nine to five job. And enthralled by this thought he has presented this fantastic offer of a low-cost wedding photography session which is still profitable for him and at the same time for the wedding couples.

Marogani photo1

But what attracts Marogani even more in this is he will get a chance to travel all over the country, meet interesting people, take new experiences and learn new things, which will reflect in his work and will make it of outstanding value. He becomes thrilled of traveling to many places at a young age, which he probably would not be able to, at a later age.

I think that Margogani is perfectly right and if I were him, I would have done the same thing. If you are getting a significantly large amount for a work you love and that too, together with a chance to explore numerous interesting destinations, it is definitely logical to charge people an affordable amount rather than trying to rip more off them! You should take this golden opportunity if you have planned your big day in 2014 and contact Marogani.