Muslim Bridal Dresses – Richness, Elegance and Beauty

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satin embroidery long sleeve wedding gown floor length ball gownA Muslim wedding is one of the most colorful affairs where the bride is covered with extremely rich, bright and graceful clothes, makeup and jewelry. Muslim bridal dresses are fully covered and are formed of layering, of smooth, shimmering materials like silk and satin. One common thing occurring in Muslim wedding dresses anywhere in the world is modesty. The specialty of these dresses is despite being traditional they don’t lack even a bit in glamour. Here are some tips to choose a Muslim bridal dress along with some ravishing dresses by – a complete Muslim bridal shop featuring an extensive variety in bridal dresses, jewelry, hijabs, invitation cards and more.

Determine the Size

Though a Muslim bridal dress is entirely covered, you cannot overlook size and fitting. Tell your friend or female relative to take your measurements and choose the dress accordingly. If you are shopping the dress online, you will have to give exact measurements to get the dress with accurate fitting. Look at this dress, for example. It’s too is a typical Muslim bridal dress, but still it is looking outstanding with its firm fitting. It is a rich A line Muslim bridal dress with white organza appliqués and lengthy sleeves. Of course, the shimmering embellishments have much to do with the good looks. At Nikah Bureau, you will get full assistance in determining your size.

Romantic Dresses Vestidos A Line High Neck White Organza Appliques

Should Not Show Curves

Though the fitting should be perfect, the curves of the body should not show out according to the teaching of Islam. Clothes can be tight or loose, but they should not make the curves apparent. Too thin or transparent material shows curves; so, don’t use such a material for your bridal dress. Here I would like to show you another superb dress by Nikah Bureau. It has been made from the shimmering satin with rich embroidery, long sleeves and ground length.

wedding gown floor length ball gown

Comfortable Material

The material of the dress is very important because the bride has to wear the dress for quite a long time. The material should be airy and able to absorb perspiration. Being fully covered you might feel quite hot in the gown; so consider choosing a really comfortable material. Take a look at this elegant satin dress ground-length ball robe costume by Nikah Bureau.

wedding gown floor length ball gown

Choosing Color

Muslim bridal dresses need not be white. You can choose any bright color, like red, crimson, violet, and so on. Currently Muslim bridal dresses are created in a variety of colors with heavy embroidery and other embellishments. Look at this crimson satin wedding dress with rich embroidery and long sleeves, this too is a ground-length ball robe.

wedding dress satin floor length ball gown

Muslim Fashions are Changing

Though as a rule, Muslim bridal dresses tend to be fully covered, some new styles have made their entry in the Muslim bridal fashion world and the examples are these dresses. This is a long-sleeve high neck attractive bridal dress with handmade artwork. Extremely elegant as well as trendy, this dress is an indication of changed fashions of Muslim bridal wear.

Wedding Dress bride sexy Muslim Handmade vestido

And this one features a beautiful belt lace, lengthy sleeves and a lovely skirt!

Modest Belt Lace Muslim Wedding Gown

Nikah Bureau helps you choose the perfect wedding gown for you with guidance for measurement, style, color selection and material selection. They have an extensive array of bridal fashions which you should go through. You are bound to come across your dream wedding dress!