Picking a Wedding Invitation Card

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Wedding tips |

lace invitationAlthough it’s hard to believe, picking wedding invitations can cause bridal panic attacks. Yes, it’s not like choosing your wedding gown, but the first impressions do count, too, not to mention that, at least it will last forever in your grandma’s scrapbook. 

Wedding invitations are the first thing about your wedding your guests will see. In addition to location, date and time, are there any other important details a wedding card should include? Your invitations have to convey your personalities, as well as you as a couple. They will set the tone for the entire event; your guests will immediately see how much care and thought you have put into organizing your wedding. If traditional wording formats appear too rigid to you, you have to be open-minded for alternative design possibilities. To make your wedding invitation reflective of your personalities, you can choose various stock and size, ink colors, monograms, typefaces and other design elements. When it comes to new trends in wedding invitations, many couples choose unusual typestyle, create a custom design (for example, a picture of a family crest) or pick a custom ink color. More and more brides opt for gray inks rather than black, too.

wedding invitationThe RSVP wedding card can be styled and printed in a variety of ways including meal options, for example. Although it can be useful sometimes, the simpler the RSPV card, the more elegant. Most wedding card designers suggest engraving a short line at the bottom or top, such as “Please respond by May 22nd” with the rest of the card left blank for guests to write a more personal note. In case your guests forget to sign their name (and that happens a lot) or their handwriting is illegible, it’s recommended to include a small discreet number on the back corner of the RSPV wedding card.

Finally, don’t over-do it! Even though it’s important to have a unique wedding invitation card, don’t let its beauty be lost in the shuffle. Keep it simple, with all the necessary details (if you have the address of the venue, you don’t need a map, do you?), but make sure your guests get a sneak peek of your wedding style and theme.