Picking Your Wedding Planner

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Beginning the process of planning can be very stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be necessarily. One way to cut the anxiety and time out of planning ideal wedding is only by hiring a intelligent and smart wedding planner. But how to know who is appropriate for you? Here are some tips to consider while hiring a wedding planner

Cost and fee structure: Do they charge a percentage or a flat fee or any other? Every company produces events in a different way and so they charge in a different way. Everything is right here, just what is appropriate for your requirements and do they have options to suit that. Additionally, how much are they charging you as fees and how much of that comes in your budget? Normally, spending more than ten to fifteen percent of the budget on a wedding planner will make you to be disproportionate in other areas of budget. Others will say spend less than this on a wedding planner, but they are worth their weight in gold. Does this fee structure involved design as well? Some planners design as well, and so fees can be higher than other company you may be thinking of hiring. So decide what you get for the cost and whether or not it is a value for the price to you.


Portfolio fashion? It is always better and safe to look for different planners with different weddings in their portfolio. It means they can reveal the style of their customers without their own personal likings playing too big a roll. But that doesn’t mean the level of quality and standard should be persistent. Just observe the details and you will realize. And in some situations, one highlighting style can be appropriate for you, if that’s the appearance you are looking for.

Individuality: This is very important while hiring a wedding planner. It is very important how you get along with them. How do they listen about your needs and reveal them to you back? How does their style of work and procedure suit your personality or individuality and your zone of comfort? Try to be as comfortable as possible and confident with the planner as they will be with you for long time and accredited with one of the very important days of your life.