Practical Things to Consider when Choosing the Wedding Venue

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in Wedding tips |

Adler Planetarium - dining under starsUsually, when couples start looking for the wedding venue, they are likely to completely fall in love with some space and sign a contract before checking out some more practical things. Of course, when choosing services for a wedding, almost no one wants to be “practical”. However, there are some things you should consider if you want to have the best possible wedding party and to stick to your budget. 

Decor might be nice, but does it fit your wedding colors, theme and style. If the decor is nothing special, you will spend more money on flowers and wallpapers to make it nice.

Does the venue have an in-house caterer? If they do, you should like their food. Sometimes the meal is not so nice as the room, even though the in-house caterer is usually cheaper and more convenient option. So, taste the food before making the final decision. If you don’t like the food, ask whether it’s possible to use outside caterers.

You are getting married in December? Ask whether the venue has an adequate coat check. Also, check out their bathroom facilities.

Is is wheelchair accessible, how close the parking space is to the reception room and are there too many stairs to climb? Think about all of your guests.

What’s about cancelling? What’s the policy?

Is there any hidden cost? This is before you should read the contract carefully before signing it.

Does the place have a liquor license? Is it allowed to bring liquor? Sometimes people like to have this option, because it’s cheaper.

*These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself or the wedding venue manager, no matter if you are looking for perfect wedding venues in Essex, UK or anywhere else.