Reviewing Your Wedding Photographer

Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Wedding tips |

reviewing wedding photographerWhen you want a photographer for your big day and you are considering to choose one of the wedding photographers recommended by friends and relatives or the ones of which you have seen an ad in the newspapers, TV or web, you better take a photography review of them, to get an idea if one of them can do your job as you want it to be done. While reviewing a wedding photographer, there can be three major criteria upon which you can judge the person. They are style, personality and experience. There can be some other criteria too, but these three are the most basic, through which you can have a clear idea about whether the photographer will be a right match for you two. [See some excellent wedding photography on Carte Blanche Photo.]


You can review the photographer’s style simply by going through his or her portfolio. Gone are the days when wedding photographers used to ask people to pose, smile, tilt their heads to fit them into the frame and click. Today they implement a variety of styles from classical and journalism to fusion and fine art. You don’t need to know about each of these styles. You only need to know which particular style in his portfolio appeals you. You can just tell that you like this style and the professional will know how to do the job.

Well, here is a catch too. You are watching somebody else’s photos, which may be stunning. It doesn’t mean that your photos in that style too will be stunning. You may be particularly good for some other style. So, you should be able to look yourself in the photos and find out whether that style will be good for you. If you cannot do it, you can ask the photographer and s/he will be better able to judge that.


While reviewing your photographer, you should just look at whether you are comfortable with him or her. Of course, s/he should be strictly professional, but is s/he jovial? Well, it is not necessary that s/he should be jovial. A person may be of serious nature too, while being extremely efficient in his or her work. Main thing is you should feel comfortable with him or her. You should review him or her in a way to judge the personality.


Well, this may be an arguable point because a novice photographer may say that how can s/he be experienced if nobody hires him or her because s/he has no experience. This is true. In that case, you can look at the dedication of the photographer towards work. Has s/he taken amateur photos and how are they? If a person is passionate about work, s/he might be photographing weddings without getting any payment. You can measure the experience from this type of amateur work too.

Of course, there is one more criterion which too is important to some extent and it is your budget and whether an excellent photographer is affordable too. But for that criterion, you don’t need any guidance and you surely are going to choose one who suits your budget. But keep an aim to choose the best for a low cost. And your big day will be photographed in a way, which will make you cherish your wedding album forever.