Save-the-date Wedding Invitations – Stand Out with Something Unique!

Posted by on Apr 23, 2012 in Wedding tips |

To perform a wedding at a special destination means a holiday for your guests. If you link your save-the-date invitations with the destination, it will keep on reminding your guests about your wedding and make them excited about it! Here are some save-the-date wedding destination ideas.

Beach Wedding – Create your save-the-date invitation for a beach wedding by filling a bottle with sand and shells in which you can roll up your documents telling the details of the wedding.

Winter Wedding – You can create save-the-date for a winter wedding with customized snow-balls with a photo of both of you along with the details of the wedding.

Country Wedding – Send your documents in a wine bottle which will remind your guest about the stock of fine wine they will be getting at your country wedding.

Airline Ticket – Print your wedding date in form of an airline ticket. This is an ideal way to remind your guests to come for celebrating your destination wedding.

Boarding Pass Save-the-date in form of boarding passes is a perfect idea to remind your guests that they are invited on a holiday to your wedding destination.

Luggage Tags – Luggage tags too are perfect as save-the-date invitations to remind your guests of your destination wedding.

Other Ideas – Instead of boring traditional post cards you can send your guests a lot of fun items which will remind them of your wedding. For example, you can send a balloon with your wedding details printed on it. Or you can also send a funky photo, a Russian nesting doll, a personalized comic picture, or a wordplay on a candy too. If you love games, you can incorporate them into your save-the-date invitations. For example, you can send personalized playing cards creating a message about the date and other details of your wedding. So also, you can use scrabble tiles creating a secret message, which your guests will enjoy.

You can create various fun bookmarks using your creativity, like something using sheet music or you can send a box filled with raffle tickets and other fun material. You can also hang the numbers of your wedding date on replicas of antlers.

Lovely, soft-colored hankies too make great save-the-date invitations. You can also get various pictures printed on them depending on the theme of your wedding if your budget allows it.

Thus there are so many ideas for save-the-date invitations to bring a new excitement about your wedding and make everyone remember your wedding date without fail!