The Unity Sand Ceremony

Posted by on May 5, 2012 in Wedding tips |

The Unity Sand Ceremony symbolizes the fusion of two (or more) lives into the one. Wedding sand ceremony is not a new idea, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Once the separate sands are poured into the unity vase, it is impossible to put them back into their separate vases – the love and the lives of the married couple becomes forever entwined. Modern couples sometimes like to leave some sand in respective containers and that represents that even though bride and groom will function as a couple as one they still remain individuals. Sand ceremony sets can be even purchased online and usually they are customizable.

There are three common variations when it comes to wedding sand ceremony: a religious variation, a parent’s variation and a children variation. A religious variation usually include three different sands – one is, commonly white colored and it represents God. The white sand is poured before the ceremony as a symbol of the role of God in the couple’s marriage. The way to involve the parents of the bride and the groom is a parent’s variation of the unity sand ceremony. The parents pour their sands into the central vase prior the couple and this way a layered effect is created symbolizing their support to couple’s marriage.

Wedding sand ceremony is an ideal solution for outdoor or less formal marriage ceremonies, particularly for beach weddings. Some of the sand in case of beach wedding can come directly from the wedding venue and therefore it has even more significance. But, of course, if you like the idea of the unity sand ceremony and you do not have beach wedding, you can order wedding ceremony sets. In that case, any sand color can be chosen. Once the wedding ceremony is over, the central sand vase can be sealed and it makes an amazing keepsake of your big day.