There is Someone Really Expert, Professional and Helpful to Help You in Your Wedding

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The Wedding Travel ExpertCongratulations on getting engaged! You must be looking forward eagerly to your big day and of course, to your honeymoon – the sweetest period in the life of a romantic couple! But are you running hither and thither for making all the arrangements? Do you think you should relax and hand over the responsibility to make all the arrangements to someone experienced and knowledgeable? If your answer is yes, let me tell you, there is someone out there, happy to help you and it’s The Wedding Travel Expert and Bride Net!

What’s The Wedding Travel Expert?

The Wedding Travel Expert is a fantastic online travel portal exclusively for the Wedding Industry. This portal has the main service of assisting wedding planners across the world with travel and accommodations, though they also offer a full planning and travel for their clientele. They offer pre-wedding residences for bride and groom, bridal shower, bridal party, rentals and luxury properties for wedding travel vacations, wedding guest accommodations of various capacities like 20, 50, 100 and even more than 150, as well as honeymoon. What’s more, they are expert in multicultural weddings and arranging travel accommodations for them. The Business Development Director to The Wedding Travel Expert is Karen White who is very happy with the progress of the company that has sales representatives literally in every state and conduct training programs in colleges. More and more wedding planners are getting attracted to these programs and establishing their businesses successfully. Brides can join also the other bridal portal – The Bride Net – to receive discount wedding services for a lifetime.

The Wedding Travel Expert

Signature Weddings

The Wedding Travel Expert strives to make everything in your wedding perfect, so that you can make everyone from bridal party, parents and guests, comfortable and feel special. They help you to gain your perfect place where your bridal party can stay comfortably at night. Also they design your honeymoon in a special way just for you. If you are celebrating a destination wedding, they also help you and your guests find perfect accommodations. Whatever you may wish, something quaint or something elaborate, they can help you.

The Wedding Travel Expert

Travel Arrangements

The Wedding Travel Expert can also help you in all your travel arrangements right from air booking and car rentals to luxury transportation and from your vacation rental and hotel services to luxury homes.

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WTE Honeymoon Registry Program

The Wedding Travel Expert also offers free Honeymoon Registry for their clients. This is similar to a gift registry in which couples can enlist things that they want for their honeymoon, like from transportation, special meals and lodgings, to specific activities and tours. Guests too can contribute to the couple’s honeymoon memories by gifting them particular items. The registry is a perfect way for the newlyweds to get all the things needed to start life with their partner.

How does the Honeymoon Registry Work?

Couples are to enlist things they would require on the registry. The payment system is easy and simple through which the couple’s guests can select things that they would like to buy using a credit card. They can also take responsibility of giving a check to the couple. They can leave a personalized note and also can print out a matching gift card to attach to their gift.

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So, take the benefit of The Wedding Travel Expert and also of their fantastic honeymoon registry and your stress of arranging a perfect wedding all on your own will be eliminated, because someone really expert, professional and helpful would be there for you!