Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Music

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Wedding tips |

harp at weddingsAll future brides and grooms should be aware of the importance of choosing the right music for their big day; it simply sets the entire tone of the event. But, before you begin with interviewing music bands or DJs and selecting your wedding songs, there are some things you should check. We’ve asked musicians from Boston, Newport and Cape Cod Wedding Band to help us with several tips on choosing the wedding music.

Planning and organizing a wedding can and will be quite difficult for most couples. Even if you hire the best wedding planner, you’ll still have to make many important decisions. When considering wedding entertainment, it’s of high importance to consider the size and the type of your wedding venue. For example, a traditional piano would be too expensive and too silent if you’re organizing an outdoor event. Don’t hire a rock band for your beach wedding, if you haven’t checked whether electricity is available. On the other hand, if you’re planning a small, intimate wedding and your future hubby has got his heart set on a harp, ask your venue manager to think about a practical way to get it inside and out of the site. If it’s impossible, then you have only two options: to forget about that harp or to look for another venue.

Did you know that some officiants and ceremony sites have strict guidelines and requirements about which music should and shouldn’t be played during a wedding ceremony? Even some secular locations might have some limitations, so make sure you check it before booking your favorite mariachi band.

How to choose musicians for your big day? Obviously, it’s necessary to be satisfied with their performance and style. But, it’s also important to hire professionals who have already performed at events such as weddings. Your big event is not a concert, so you need someone who will know their job: to sound fantastic and to make your entertainment enjoyable.