Top 5 Tips for Choosing Perfect Wedding Favors

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wedding favorsYou may not be interested in choosing favors for your big day because you are going to give them to your guests. However, you should give enough attention to choosing your wedding favors because with them you get a chance to show your gratitude towards your guests who would come to bless you and share your joy. Here are some tips to choose the right favors.

1. Practical Gifts

Whatever gifts you give should be practical whether it’s a gift for a special person or gifts for your wedding guests. If you can’t get any idea about practical gifts, take a look at World Of Wedding Favours, a place where there is a range of wedding favors available that are practical and at the same time charming.

Typically, wedding favors are small-sized, so, actually there is a lot of scope for you to be creative while choosing them. There are many things you can choose, that your guests should make use of and remember you. Some all-time favorite favors that are also the most practical are handmade natural bath soaps, bookmarks, purse mirrors of various interesting shapes, scented candles, bottle openers, coasters, key chains, photo frames and more. Perhaps the most coveted wedding favors are various types of chocolates packed in attractive packing. Your guests will remember your wedding while enjoying the sweetness of chocolates and the beauty of the pack.

2. Forget Personalization

Though from time to time, we give advice to personalize your wedding favors, the fact is that adding your initials, wedding date and other details to the favors make the beautiful gifts completely cringe worthy. Who will want to show off coasters, irrespective of how beautiful they are, having your name and photo on them, though your mom may be an exception? Instead, you can choose to personalize the wrapping, bags, ribbons, boxes or labels, so that your guests can use your lovely favors comfortably.

3. Try Them Yourself

You can imagine how your guests will find your wedding favors only when you on your own will try them. Order a sample before you actually buy something. This will save you from ending in getting 100 favors you hate. Especially things like foods and soaps should be tested well for their flavors and fragrances. Testing should be done well ahead of time in order to get sufficient time for tasks like ordering them, ordering others if you don’t like them, assembling them once they reach you and so on.

4. Order Extra

If you have chosen particularly attractive favors, there are high chances that some of your guests will want multiple favors. Also some guests may break or misplace them. And also you may want to keep some for you. It makes sense to keep additional favors ready (for example, 10 extra favors per 100 guests).

5. Consider a Display

Though wedding favors are considered to be parting gifts, they can be distributed any time during the wedding. And if you want to end the confusion of when to give them, the best solution is to arrange them in a display on a beautiful table with tags tied to each of them and a board nearby that may read something like “Please take one” or “Please accept a small token of appreciation” etc.

In whatever way you give out your wedding favors, hand their responsibility to someone you trust who will ensure that all guests get the favors and no one is left out.

Choose your wedding favors with these tips and you will get appreciation from your guests.