Top 5 Wedding Flower Tips

Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

wedding flower tipsIf you are a bride who believes that flowers are essential components of your wedding, you are right. Flowers are indeed unmatched. Though nowadays many couples try to avoid them due to some or the other reason, e.g. allergy of flowers, many others consider them an inevitable part of wedding, and they do their job perfectly – of beautifying your big day! While choosing your wedding florist or flowers, you can keep some things in mind. Here are they.

1. Visualize the Entire Venue

Brides or couples often consider only the flower arrangements like centerpieces or bouquets, and not the picture of how those arrangements will look in the venue. For example, if your venue is a seaside banquet hall which is offering a magnificent ocean view, you should not arrange tall centerpieces which will obstruct that view.

2. Respect Flowers

The flowers used during your ceremony can be used throughout your wedding, on the buffet table, as centerpieces, and for other decoration. Discarding flowers after using them only for a short time, and using new ones, is showing a kind of disrespect towards flowers.

3. Trust the Florist

Some brides don’t want to be flexible on the flowers they have planned. Believe that florists are much more experienced than you and will do their job best – you just have to tell them the overall feel, look and color scheme you want.

4. Don’t Just Look at the Expensiveness

Flowers like peonies and cattleya orchids are seemingly more expensive than many other flowers. But you should consider that they occupy more space and also are much more impactful. Therefore comparing the prices of 1 expensive flower and a bunch of ordinary flowers is recommendable – you will ultimately find that the seemingly expensive flowers are in fact pocket-friendly.

5. Give a Clear Idea of What You Want to Your Florist

Use all the ways to make your florist understand what exactly you want. E.g. you can bring a lot of pictures so that the florist will get a clearer idea of the look you intend. Once the florist gets it clear, you can leave it to her/him and s/he will do the job best. is a fantastic portal to get wedding vendors, florists, décors and rentals so as to conduct your dream wedding. They help you plan your big day perfectly with perfect vendors. So, you can make your day really special with their help.