Top 6 Tips to Have the Most Awesome Wedding Cake

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elegant gold wedding topperOne of the major components of your wedding catering is your wedding cake. Not only the taste of the cake but its decoration and presentation are important to impress your guests. Here are tips to have the most amazing wedding cake that you will feel proud of like every other component of your wedding.

1. Choose the Cake According to Your Wedding Style

Remember to choose the cake to match your wedding style and not the one you feel attractive at the first glance. Consider your wedding gown, flower arrangement, decoration and/or the menu and choose the cake color and decoration accordingly.

2. Set a Budget

Normally wedding cakes are priced by slices. You may be easily enticed by a multi-flavor cake or an attractive bright orange filling. In such a condition, a set budget will help you decide your priorities and thereby make a choice. Price will go on increasing with more layers, complex flavors, handmade designs, butter cream and fondant. Make a research about the prices and think what can be the best within your budget.

3. Choose Number of Layers According to Your Guests

While the number of layers will add to the price of the cake you may have to choose more of them if your guests are more in number. Usually three layers are enough for 50 to 100 guests, while for 200 guests you will need five layers. Also your cake height should fit in the available space. You can also add to the cake’s height with Styrofoam or columns between the tiers if your reception is to take place in a grand ballroom.

4. Choose a Superb Cake Topper

You can top your wedding cake in a number of beautiful ways like this elegant gold wedding cake topper having a charming design and such sophisticated looks! Such a cake topper makes your cake look exclusive and attracts everyone’s attention in the hall.

elegant gold wedding topper 2

5. Choose the Flavor of Your Choice

Not only your cake should look good, but it should taste good too. While meeting your potential bakers, keep an open mind for various flavors. You may find unique flavors which you might not have tasted before or anywhere else. Finally, choose a flavor of your choice and not of anyone else, just because it’s a popular flavor.

6. Don’t Forget about Weather

You will also have to consider weather, especially in case of an outdoor wedding. Plus, if it’s summer, avoid buttercream, whipped cream or meringue as they melt soon. Discuss with your baker to find icing options for summer weddings. Fondant icing, for example, doesn’t need refrigeration.

These tips will help you have the most awesome wedding cake.

elegant gold wedding topper