Tungsten Carbide Rings – Strength, Manliness and Style

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tungsten carbide ring with diamondsWhen a man’s wedding ring is concerned, it’s the material which is important because men’s rings are plain, usually having no details and studs. After the most popular materials like gold and platinum, the material which has grabbed people’s attention today is tungsten carbide. A range of unique design tungsten wedding men rings are available that are sure to amaze anyone. But why are tungsten carbide rings are preferred so much? Let’s see.

The first reason for the popularity of tungsten carbide is obviously its strength. It is definitely stronger than the traditionally popular materials like gold and platinum, and also titanium. Tungsten as a single element is equivalent to titanium regarding strength, which means very strong. But when combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide, its strength increases so much that only diamond is stronger than the combination. Tungsten carbide is about 10 times more durable than gold and 4 times more durable than titanium.

tungsten carbide ring

There is another point to consider while comparing tungsten carbide rings with gold rings. In case of gold, you know that the purer it is the softer it is. E.g. a 10-carat gold ring is more durable than a 24-carat gold ring. This is because the 10-carat gold has lots of other filler metals in it, which in turn means that you pay for a gold ring and get a ring made of those filler metals added to a little quantity of gold. The soft traditional metals like gold have a tendency to bend over time and it will go out of its round shape soon, whereas a tungsten carbide ring will never go out of its shape.

tungsten carbide ring with diamonds

Softness of metals also increases its proneness to scratches, which you might have noticed often. Tungsten carbide being super tough is super scratch-proof too. If your movements are rough, your accessories can easily get scratches. But if you are wearing a tungsten carbide ring, it will never scratch. Obviously its shine too sustains throughout its life, it will never look old and dull.

carbon fiber beveled tungsten carbide ring

The ability of tungsten carbide to sustain its shine saves you money too. Gold and especially white gold loses its finish after a certain time and you have to take it to the jeweler to get its shine back again. The finish on tungsten carbide, on the other hand, never wears out and requires little to no maintenance.

dragon tungsten carbide celtic ring

Another question may arise in your mind that tungsten carbide being a plain, rough and manly material, its rings might not have a variety in styles and designs. But this also is a misconception. These rings are available in a variety of styles and designs, like domed, pipe cut, step edge, beveled edged, concave and more. There are lots of finishes too like brushed, soft satin, inlay, polished and laser engraved. What’s more there are numerous colors too like light silver, black plated, dark silver, gunmetal grey and gold plated. Above all, tungsten carbide rings can be studded too, with carbon fiber, cubic zirconias, and diamonds. You want a proof? Take a look at the wide range of tungsten carbide rings on TungstenRingsForever.com! You can see some of them in this article too.