Type of Veil Lengths

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Wedding tips |

mantilla327Did you know that brides wore veil to protect them from evil spirits? For a modern bride, it is just a beautiful form of adornment. Well, let’s be honest: veil is probably the most defining aspects of the bridal appearance. You have to choose the veil that will work beautifully with your gown, face, body, hair and wedding style and theme. Huh, sounds like a difficult task? Don’t worry, we’ll do the best to help you make the perfect choice!

Cathedral. This veil is usually 108”-120” long and it extends even beyond the train of the gown. Lace cathedral veils are perfect for glamorous and dramatic down-the-aisle walk.

Chapel. Veil that creates the illusion of a train and it doesn’t require pesky bustling. It is usually 90” long and it extends slightly beyond the bridal gown.

Floor. This veil is commonly 72” long and it should only graze the floor matching the length of the gown. Floor length is the best choice for those brides that cannot decide whether they would like streamlined silhouette or a ball gown.

Waltz. Veil that gives you the freedom to dance and mingle during reception without taking off your veil. Commonly, a waltz veil is 60” long.

frenchalenconmantillaveil13Fingertip. It falls beyond your hips, allowing any design on the back of your bridal gown to be seen through the lovely fabrics. The length of fingertip veil is usually 40”.

Elbow. This veil is for a bride who wants more conservative look for the wedding ceremony. Instead of wearing bolero or shrug, you can wear an elegant elbow veil to cover up. It is usually 32” long and it falls over your shoulders to elbows.

Blusher. As the name suggests, a blusher falls over the face and it ends at the top of the gown. This veil gives a vintage appeal and, during the ceremony, it should be pulled back to reveal your face.

Choosing the length of your bridal gown is very important and it depends on the gown and your own preferences. Nevertheless, keep in mind that veils are accessories and as such, they have to work well with the rest of your outfit. Take a look at Mantilla wedding veils for more ideas!