Types of Wedding Cars – Which One will You Choose?

Posted by on Dec 6, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

wedding car rentalHaving a car to take you from home to your wedding venue and then from the venue to the reception hall (if it is different) has great advantages. Firstly it is the most relaxing and luxurious experience for the bride to breathe easy after the hectic wedding preparation days and before attending the most important day of her life. Secondly, your wedding photo album is added with a charming prop, your wedding car. Thirdly, the car makes your entry at the venue grand and impresses your guests. And there are many more benefits. Here are types of wedding cars you can choose from.

Classic Wedding Car

A classic wedding car is perfect, especially if you have a vintage wedding theme. With all the vintage elements of your wedding, a classic car is a great addition. Classic cars may also have an option of open top so that you can enjoy a classic fairytale atmosphere with your classic car.

Exotic Car

Traveling in an exotic car is once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exotic cars being rare add a touch of lavishness to your wedding and wedding photos. Arriving at the venue in an expensive car also has its own charm to impress your guests. To choose an exotic car, you will have to find an exotic car rental company well in advance.

Convertible Car

Having a convertible car for your wedding has the benefit of having open-air mode or an enclosed one as per your choice. Convertible cars also look elegant and expensive.

Luxury Car

As the name suggests, a luxury car provides you several luxurious features like lavish interior, the latest technology and safety features, and more, that offer you one of the best experiences. A bride feels very important and pampered in a luxury car, something she deserves!

Before you hire a wedding car of your choice, think on things like who will travel in the car with you so you can rent a correctly sized car. You can also hire two or more cars if your wedding party is big.

Consider if you would like to take a different route than the usual one because the other route is scenic to enjoy the scenery and umm… be fashionably late!

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