Types of Wedding DJs – Choose the Right One for Your Big Day

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Hochzeit DJIf you have planned before long that your wedding entertainment will be provided by a DJ, it’s better to understand a little more about DJs, than you were previously knowing. Doing this, you will ensure to take a more educated decision regarding your particular needs. You enjoyed the music by DJs a lot in your friends’ weddings and have planned to have a DJ for your wedding too; but do you know that there are many types of DJs? If you are surprised to hear that, you will find the information given here interesting.

Here are the various types of DJs, knowing which you can ask more sensible questions during the interview with the ones you have shortlisted for your big day.

Club DJ

These generally don’t have their own lighting and sound equipment. Also many of them are specialized in just 1 or 2 music styles. They are in a practice of playing at nightclubs without much of preparation and interviewing with clients. A club DJ is good for beat-matching, understanding crowds and ensuring that there is a fair flow to their night, whether it refers to clearing a floor or making a dance floor hopping at correct points of the night.

Radio DJ

Radio DJs too typically don’t have their own lighting and sound equipment as they are provided the same by the station. They tend to be good at handling the microphone and public speaking. Sometimes they may help in coordination and planning of events.

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Bedroom DJ

Bedroom DJs are either beginners or DJ as a hobby. They typically advertise on Craigslist for cheap prices. They usually have a little experience of DJing and also of event planning and coordination, have small music libraries and cheap equipment. They are usually ready to do anything for gaining experience, which means you can hire them for a very cheap rate, but have the risk of getting hiccups during your event, due to their inexperience.

Contracted DJ

Contracted DJ works for contractor DJ companies. They might be experienced, but are told about they have to work, just before 1 or 2 days before your event. It depends on your luck – sometimes they might be extremely well-versed in speaking on microphone, coordination and directing the night, and sometimes they might even be lacking all these qualities and actually bedroom DJs in search of work.

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iPod DJ

iPod DJs connect their iPod to their sound system and actually push play. They tend to have playlists and normally don’t waste time in reading the crowd and interacting when required. Several times they play songs which they love rather than what the crowd wants. Or they might please you by playing your iPod with music suitable to your taste. Either way, the main aim of entertaining the crowd is lost with this approach.

Mobile DJ

Mobile DJs normally are owners of their small DJ businesses, have their own equipment, network with other DJs and keep latest trends in the industry. They normally are experienced in coordination of events, are comfortable before crowds and taking control of formalities. Mobile DJs have a varying amount of ability to read crowds and maintain the energy of a party.

Amongst all these categories, you have to find the right DJ for your big day and here, the fact is qualities you want will vary from DJ to DJ. Best is to interview them and find out the best one.

Hochzeit DJ is a professional DJ in Switzerland – reliable and experienced – to prove 100% suitable for your wants and needs. He strives to enrich weddings with music that you and your guests will love and remember forever. The fabulous images you are seeing in this article are courtesy to Hochzeit DJ.

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