Types of Wedding Invitations – Which One will You Choose for Your Big Day?

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Hot Stamp Emboss wedding invitationHey, congrats on fixing the date of your big day! Now, it’s time to let everyone know it! I mean, it’s time to get your wedding invitations printed. But do you know that there are various types of them? Our sponsors, PAPEROSE create mind-blowing wedding invitations (which they call “kad perkahwinan” in Malay) and other wedding stationery. Their experts are giving tips here about the various types of wedding invitations among which you can choose. To know about these types is not only interesting, but also it helps you to make a wise decision with respect to your own choice and liking.


Most formal wedding invitations are engraved, which is one of the most popular types of printing. This is achieved by using a copper plate to carve the wording of your wedding invitation on it. This plate with the carved wording is then put in the press, inked and then paper is then printed with the copper plate. This makes the letters (wording) raised on the paper and therefore it is called engraved. Engraved invitations are quite expensive and are generally used for very formal events where budget is unlimited.

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Everyone probably would like to have engraved wedding invitations, but their high cost is a discouraging factor. In that case, a more preferable option is thermography. Thermography offers quite a similar effect like engraving, but is quite cost-effective. In this method, ink is blended with tiny dry particles, which when placed on paper, offer a raised appearance just like engraving.

Off-set Printed

Off-set printing is a very common type of printing which is used for business printing requirements. If you use this method for your wedding invitations, you are going to save a lot of money; but unfortunately, this is not a very appropriate printing style for wedding invitations as it doesn’t offer an elegant look.

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As clear from the name, these are invitations that are written by hand, normally on plain white paper. If you are going to conduct a very formal event, this is not the most ideal type of wedding invitation style, but very ideal if you are holding an informal or small event.


Contemporary wedding invitations go off-beat by choosing various colors of papers instead of the common ivory or white paper. It also includes various designs like a picture, flowers, wedding couple, and more. Contemporary invitations are indeed a great way to get personalized invitations, but are not very appropriate for ultra-formal events.

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With the advent of computer and its various software tools, computer-printed invitations too are getting very popular and they offer unlimited choice of colors, designs, lettering styles and shapes. However, they too are not very suitable to ultra-formal ceremonies.

On PAPEROSE, you can see a superb collection of wedding invitations. We couldn’t resist ourselves from giving some of them in this article too.

So, with this information, we hope that you can make a better choice about your wedding invitations. Choose your perfect wedding invitation style and impress your guests.