Wedding Bands – Symbols of Eternal Love and Devotion

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Wedding tips |

Most people are proud and glad to show that they are married and the best indication of that is a wedding ring (also called a wedding band). It depends on the culture and tradition would it be worn on the base of the right or the left ring finger. Originally, only wives worn them, but during the 20th century it became common and popular for both sexes to wear them. Symbolically, wearing rings on the fourth finger is the declaration of eternal love and nowadays it is a matter of tradition and etiquette.

In older times, the wedding band was not only a sign of love and eternal devotion, but also an exchange of valuables. Traditionally, gold and platinum were the only metals considered for a wedding band to be made of. It was thought in Irish folklore that it is bad luck and even illegal to have wedding bands made of anything but gold, but like elsewhere many different metals were used. Gold and platinum rings are very nice and valuable, but they fade quickly and scratch very easy. Tungsten wedding bands became worthy substitutes to these precious metals because of their amazing forever lasting mirror like polish and resilient finish. The truth is, males like black tungsten wedding bands more than ones made of gold or platinum, because they can really be masculine. Female are also very impressed by those wedding rings because of their amazing and brilliant design and lifetime guarantee.

The circle of a band represents undying love and the continually refreshed vows of husband and wife. Circles are symbols of not only eternity, but also wholeness. The most important part is to choose the type and design of the wedding bands that married couple likes the most and that they will both be happy to wear.