Wedding Camera 360 – Create Wedding Photos that Every Wedding Party Member will Love

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Wedding photoWhether you are a professional wedding photographer or an amateur one fond of catching candid moments in a wedding, now you can create excellent wedding photographs with the help of an amazing app called Wedding Camera 360 app for iOS! This app has been specially designed for wedding photographs with an intention to make every wedding a happy and eternal moment and leave the most brilliant record of the wedding.

What is Wedding Camera 360?

Wedding Camera 360 is an iOS app which offers rich filter effects which professional photographers love. These rich filters are conveniently packed in 10 different themes. The photographs look a little different from that taken by a film camera because of the distinct sets of fun inventiveness and classy moods.

Professional photographers do their job well and keep all equipment ready in case of any emergency occurs. But if you are an amateur photographer and the wedding couple has handed the job of their wedding photography to you, it is natural for you to get bewildered with a thought of taking photos like a pro. But with Wedding Camera 360 you need not worry, because it will make your photos as beautiful as taken by a professional photographer.

Great wedding pics on smartphones

And if you are professional photographer, you need to edit photos anyhow. Actually more than your photographic skills, sometimes your editing skills determine whether the photos will look good or not. And then you have to put in a lot of efforts to make photos look just as you and your clients want. You have to add lighting and shadows, add thematic designs, and make a lot of other changes. At this point, you will find Wedding Camera 360 app a lot of useful because it has all these things ready and it offers them to you with just some taps. No wonder, more and more professionals along with amateurs are preferring this app.

Wedding photo 360 app


Some of the salient features of Wedding Camera 360 app are:

  • 35 models wedding theme photography filters
  • 35 models romantic light angle as well as gradient lens
  • 35 models simulate LC-A Lomo, Diana, Holga effects
  • 35 models wedding special aesthetic spot
  • 35 extra wonderful effects

Thus Wedding Camera 360 offers you a fantastic opportunity to make every wedding a real special event to take a look at again and again!

Wedding Camera 360 app has been developed by PSDC Inc. who has developed other superb app bundles like Camera 365, Retro Maker, GoApp Magazine, iQ365 for Instagram, SUPER LINK Magazine, Camera Lens, Wood Frame and more.

Wedding pics app
Wedding is an event in one’s life which brings about a major change, and brings a whole lot of delight, excitement and charm to both the persons involved. No wonder, it is called the big day. Naturally everything happening on such a big day is to be cherished because wedding flowers wilt, wedding dress is stored in closet never to be worn again and wedding feast is over; but wedding photos last for years to come reminding of those happy moments. So, you should make them as beautiful as possible and you can do it easily now with the help of Wedding Camera 360.

So, download the app now from iTunes and start creating mind-blowing wedding photos which every wedding party member will love!